Monday, April 11, 2016

ROYALE ADIA Malaysia Unveils Its 1st ‘EXKLUSIV’ Debut For 2016 Celebration

Royale Adia Malaysia, one of the upcoming leaders in fashion industry, unveiled its 2016 ‘Exklusiv’Raya Couture collections recently by collaborating with Malaysia’s uprising fashion influencer and a first-timer fashion designer, Eliza Razman. I was here to support Eliza as a friend that day, met new malay friends here and they're mostly malay entrepreneurs just like me. 

The R.A ‘Exklusiv’ X Eliza Razmancollections will be available in 8 designs named - SEROJA, MELUR, MAWAR, CEMPAKA, SURIA, SERI PAGI, CENDERAWASIH and MELATI, from now onright up until end of the month. I loved it, esp. the Valerie's outstanding style that I have not own any of this kinda style yet as it looked so modern with superb touch of malay traditional wear of a simple white top pairing with an Orange Songket bottom.  

Making its first debut in the market, R.A ‘Exklusiv’ X Eliza Razman will also be painting Brunei red today, as those gorgeous designs will be placed in one of the country’s famous fashion house, Qaisara Dreams. I'm wishing her all the best and good luck in her new business ventures with Emi for many years to come. Emi is very nice and a humble entrepreneur whom I just got acquainted with. I was glad I made it that afternoon rendering my utmost support for them to build their fashion rapport in Malaysia and Brunei successfully. 

“The idea to form R.A Exklusiv’ as another ‘branch’ from Royale Adia Malaysia came up when I was thinking of having a couture, which is exquisite or limited edition. The Duchesse' is our first debut collaborating with Eliza Razman, who represents a young, bold and sophisticated modern Muslim-Malay female figure and a Royalty. She is almost an all rounder, but she inspires me every time by looking so stunning at all times! Her sense of fashion is different, unique and it aligns with our brand’s mission,” said Emi Mat Rozekhi, the Founder and CEO of Royale Adia Malaysia.

Similar to others, the brand strives to approach Malaysians and Bruneians the exquisite collections, besides promoting brand awareness and traffic on various social media platforms. I have total faith in their fashion sense after witnessing it myself esp. with the price set for each design based on the quality and sewing, it's affordable for all walks of life to stay stylish with RA EXKLUSIV. The designs are simple but nice, still retaining the traditional style for Baju Kurung Kedah or Pahang designs that I always liked. Check it out, email them if you're interested and stay prettily happy with your new Baju Raya for 2016.  

“It has been my dream to channel my own identity through traditional apparels which I love since I was a little girl. I am always into the old-fashioned but modern mix touch look, whenever I am putting on my ideas on my fashion sense. R.A Exklusiv X Eliza Razman is definitely a platform for me as a first-timer designer, to share my passion in the industry.” said Eliza Razman.

Inspired by the old traditional evergreen look, the collections by R.A ‘Exklusiv’ X Eliza Razman, through its blend of both the traditional and the modern, creates its own unique form of elegance. The collection reflects Royale Adia Malaysia’s commitment to showcasing the best of contemporary Malay design.

Staying true to its traditional classic but simple cut, the brand promises to deliver quality products that will combine the best of vintage, old-timer offerings that caters to generations of women. Emi, Raja Eliza and her supportive hubby kept praising the Kebaya I wore that day looked so nice and special. I liked my yearly Baju Raya to be nice plus simple, comfortable and affordable at the same time. That's what Hari Raya spirit to me is all about, be happy and banyak bersyukur to God for everything we can afford to enjoy a great life.  

Original Malay motifs such as Songket and Batik, just to name a few among others, are incorporated into the design of the RAYA ‘Exklusiv’ collections. The materials and mostly represent pastel combinations have been carefully selected, to match the identity of its designer.

R.A ‘Exklusiv’ X Eliza Razman collections ranges from RM120 to RM250. Pre orders will be available until end month. Consumers may placed their orders from Royale Adia Malaysia and R.A Exklusiv instagrams or email it to

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