Saturday, April 16, 2016

PUPA MILANO DOT SHOCK Limited Edition Makeup Launch

PUPA Milano is a well-known fashion make-up, treatment products for face and body, bath and after bath products, fragrances, creative beauty kits from Italy. PUPA symbolises a woman for a thousand passions and her beauty. Pupa brand is owned by Micys Company, an Italian firm born in 1976, exports its products in 70 countries all over the world. Wow, 40 years past already and having to share the same age with me is another fantastic news to me. No wonder I loved PUPA brand so much, so naturally and wonderfully!

I'm a total fan when it comes to Italian goods, be it the Versace, Gucci, Fendi, Emilio Pucci, Valentino or Salvatore Ferragamo to name the best Italian brands that I got totally hooked all my life. Haha...I remember when I travel to Italy for shopping spree almost everyday in all over Italy from Milan to Rome, I did fell in love with this famous PUPA brand and it's lucky I get to shop many of their extraordinary makeup there plus the signature PUPA Eyeshadow Palette as well, especially I love their lovely and classy packaging very much.  

And last March 2016, I was very lucky getting myself involved, attended this SaSa PUPA Dot Shock Limited Edition Launch at IOI City Mall by SaSa Malaysia. I always hope to be pampered and inspired by this Italian-famous makeup brand in Italy. Nice meeting PUPA International Makeup Artist Giorgio Forgani, flew all the way from Italy to beautify our afternoon and enhancing our skills in beauty makeup with his expertise tips. To get up close with PUPA Milano brand, check out them out at

PUPA has always been around her world, today she is a grown-up woman and her brand is now ready to satisfy all her beauty needs with the most glamorous colour trends, research, innovation and guaranteed material quality, innovative formulas and exclusive patents, its excellent and unique price/quality relationship, the design and the state-of-the-art materials and lines, essences contained in exclusive and collectable objects for;   
@ Make-up
@ Intensive Cosmetic Treatments for Face and Body
@ Fragrances
@ Bath and after bath lines of products
@ Make-up kits

A modern and colorful interpretation of the Polka Dot trend. A new lively femininity for a woman who wants to dare with exaggerated shapes, geometries and match soft colors with shocking tones. For a fresh, glamorous and graphic look.

Dot Shock Eyeshadow Palette enriches the eye make-up with vibrant shocking tones and sophisticated soft shades while Vamp!Stylo Liner completes it with an intense graphic look. Dot Shock Blush revives the natural color of the cheeks with a sheer luminous touch for a fresh healthy glow. Lips are sheer and ultra brilliant with Miss Pupa and Dot Shock Balmy Gloss. The contrast between the matt and ultra glassy finish creates a vibrant game of colors for the nails with Lasting Color Gel and Lasting Color Velvet Matt.

Dot Shock Blush: Multicolor Pearl Blush
The light, silky formula, enriched with precious ultra-fine pearls, lights up the face for a fresh-looking, naturally radiant complexion. It comes in a range of subtle pink and peach shades. The subtle fragrance gives a lovely enveloping feeling. I always loved this kinda Blusher with its perfectly round-shaped packaging that looked promising and convincing enough for me to play with this colourful makeup.   

Dot Shock Color Gel: Glass effect Nail Polish 
Two exclusive brand new lacquered colors for a shiny and glossy look. Color range 136 ( Shock Fuchsia ) and Color range 137 ( Fancy Red ). I bought a set of PUPA Nail Colour Gel that comes along with the cute Purple Metallic Pouch during my beauty shopping spree in Italy last few years ago. Totally in love with it ever since then!

Dot Shock Color Gel: Matt Nail Polish
Two exclusive shades for a full color result and semi-matt finish with an original soft touch effect. Color range 001 ( Sugar Peach ) and Color range 002 ( Fair Pink ). I seldom like to apply matt nail polish that looked dull to me, but this PUPA brand is easy to use with just a single coat of application will do and the colour is so sweet, brightful and colourful for me. 

Dot Shock Eyeshadow Palette: 5-Eyeshadow Palette Liquid Powder Effect
The unique palette sports a never-before-seen polka dot design containing five compact eyeshadows with a high concentration of pigments for an immediate, pure, luminous colour payoff. The silky melt-on texture combines the blendability and colour performance of a powder with the sensory quality of a cream for a “liquid powder” effect. With dual applicator for Color Range 001 (Sweet Romance) and Color range 002(Spring Sunset), this is my definitely my favourite makeup item that I cannot live without. Haha...And I got the Spring Sunset color that I wanted so much and I loved it to the max.

Vamp!Stylo Line – Eyeliner Marker
Superstar eyes in just a few seconds! VAMP!Stylo Liner gives a lash line of pure, immediate colour. The slim and soft marker tip is ideal for fast application and allows to draw a fine and an ultra precise line along the outer eye contour. Color Range 001(Creamy Chocolate). I've tried it on and it's so easy to apply it along the line of my eyes. That's another factor and reason why I loved Pupa Milano makeup so much, quality assured with easy application of their famous makeup from Italy.

Dot Shock Balmy Gloss: Balm effect shiny Gloss Tailor 
An exclusive formula that packs the enveloping feeling of a nourishing oil and the ultra-shiny effect of a gloss into a single product. The light, soft formula with its supreme melt on texture is enriched with special pigments that react  accordingly to the lips’ pH value, heightening their natural colour, for a unique “tailor-made” result. Color Range 001 (Petal Coral) and Color Range 002 (Pink Beauty). Not only the single application of the lipgloss outshines the soft colour of the lipgloss on my lip superbly, it didn't dry up my dehydrated lip at all. Amazingly, it's moisturising enough to perfecting my lip with glossy and glitzy color that didn't feel sticky at all. 

Miss PUPA – Ultra Brilliant Lipstick
A gelee, sensorial and very smooth texture that enhances the volume of the lips, leaving them soft and captivating. An absolutely bright and sensorial formula, for an extraordinary crystal effect and an incredible semi-transparent wet finish with comfort without compare. Color Range 001(Sugar ), 002(Fair Pink), 003 (Shock Fuchsia) and 004 (Fancy Red). Another fantastic makeup item that I'll never forget to pack along in my beauty vanity bag whenever I go out. A single coat of this splendid lipstick is perfect enough to colour your days fantastically, don't miss it in your next SaSa beauty shopping spree. 

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