Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ca’ya™ Shines As A New Energy Source For Men

Well-known health product manufacturer, Cerebos Malaysia, has launched a new health beverage created from a blend of two miracle ingredients that delivers sustainable energy and long-term vitality for men who want to fully live an energetic lifestyle.

Whether it is climbing the corporate ladder, being a loving husband and father or taking time off to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, today’s man is always on the go and chasing time to fulfill his many roles and responsibilities in life. To ensure he is able to find his balance to lead an active, fast paced life, he requires sustainable energy and vitality.

The new tasty Ca’ya™ health beverage can provide the source of daily energy that will help today’s busy men find the perfect balance in life by powering them up in a natural and safe way as they seek to attain physical and spiritual well-being by fulfilling their many roles.

Developed after three years of scientific and consumer research, Ca’ya™ is formulated with the powerful properties of two natural ingredients that are highly sought after in Eastern cultures – the miracle seed Habbatus Sauda and revitalising Ginseng.

Trusted for centuries for its ability to energise and revitalize, Habbatus Sauda (also known as black seed) is acknowledged as a miracle remedy because of its healing properties. Complementing it is Ginseng, another powerful ingredient which has also been scientifically proven to boost energy and fight fatigue.

This supreme combination of habbatus sauda and ginseng has been created to enhance a man’s physical wellbeing by also helping to improve the immune system and stimulate the body’s energy for optimum performance, while the assurance and heritage of the ingredients can bring him peace of mind and spiritual wellbeing.

One of the main properties of Ca’ya™ that differentiates it from energy drinks is that it derives its revitalising properties from natural ingredients and does not contain caffeine, fat or harmful additives such as preservatives or coloring, making it a suitable for everyday consumption for sustained energy.

Supporting the claims are results from a perception test among consumers, which showed that 88% of them felt less fatigue after drinking Ca’ya™. Meanwhile 76% of the respondants agreed that the new product was tasty.

Present at the launch held at Cerebos Malaysia’s headquarters in Shah Alam was the face of the Ca’ya™ launch campaign – TV and radio presenter, also an actor, Nabil Ahmad. Known to lead an active lifestyle and family man himself, Nabil epitomizes the personality of an accomplished man whose life is complete and balanced because he is energized by Ca’ya™.

“Backed by science and natural ingredients that I have believed in all my life, Ca’ya™ is a healthy, natural energizer that I am confident to consume everyday to give me the vitality to live life and fulfill my many roles and responsibility as a man,” said Nabil at the launch.

Ca’ya™ will be sold in 6-bottle packs (RM34.80) at hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies while individual bottles (RM5.80) will also be available at selected convenience stores in West Malaysia. For more information on the new product, you can visit or call Customer Careline at 1300 228 300.

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