Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Salvatore Ferragamo, Florence Italy

Salvatore Ferragamo is one of my favourite brand in JC Luxury Collection. I remember when I was 21 years old
working as a Bank Officer, I had one colleague who wore a pair of Ferragamo Shoes that I liked. It may looked 
simple but it's elegant enough to inspire me wanting to own one pair for myself as well. But my mom & sis told
me die die also they will not spend RM800 shoes to step on the floor, if handbag is still fine for them. Minnie is
able to spend that kinda money because she had many big accounts like Mont Kiara Properties, Sunway Grp etc.
To me, it's totally worthy to spend for something she really fancy having and comfy using for everyday wear.
Not long after that about a few months passing by, my appraisal got me extra income based on my appearance &
performance of achieving more than 5 million target every month consistently. Not only I got higher increment,
suddenly I get many additional big accounts transferred to me with existing accounts like IOI, Sunway etc. so
naturally, my income shoot up like shooting stars came shining towards me. I'm very lucky indeed and I make
sure everyone got protected under MRTA insurance coverage but the commission that the bank gave us was
only 1%. Anyhow, I was capable to buy whatever luxury things that I fall in love with and save a lot of money.

All the time, I wish to get something that I liked from Salvatore Ferragamo be it from Eastern Europe, Italy and
Malaysia but I didn't get to choose anything that I really like. Only that day after much time spent on pc I need
some retail therapy shopping to boost up my mood I chance upon this lovely satin Salavatore Ferragamo with
luxurious gold chain handle plus a long one for travel use, I totally fell in love with it and chose it for my '40th
Birthday Gift from Rambo'. I wouldn't let him surprise me with any luxury items because I'm very fussy one.
He quickly paid it, hoping that I really love it and will be using it everyday if possible. But I sayang to use it.

Satin fabric type with leather material inside is not easy to take care. Little bit of water or dirt can tarnish the
whole look of the bag liao. But I really love the luxurious golden buckle of their signature handbag and it's
 actually very classy to own a Salvatore Ferragamo Bag as it's very elegant & exquisite just to describe it.
Not only it's light enough for a lazy lady like me who doesn't like to carry heavy handbag for years liao, it's
easy to use by just a push of the button below of this lovely handbag with a touch of glitz and glamour of it.
Everywhere I go, people stare at my handbag esp.the ladies who are very 'Cham Mai' into luxury bags. 
Haha....Jessy who saw my SF Ginny Mini Bag at the Mary Kay Gathering got so awe-inspired by it the
moment she saw me clinging elegantly with it. She even asked for my permission to touch it, asking more
details about the handbag that cost RM3800+ which I only paid partial of it after deducting the credits
from my RB account. I reasoned with her SF brand has always set very high end, expensive price so no
choice, take it or leave it for famous Italian luxury goods. It's totally worth it as I really love it so much &
I can use it in 3 different versatile styles of an evening bag for dinner, travel pouch and formal work wear.

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