Monday, September 30, 2013

ORIENTAL PRINCESS Anti-aging Skincare Set

Of all the attractive sets that available from the Oriental Princess brand, I bought this purple-packaging
Anti-Aging Lfting range instead of whitening because I already bought the Whitening Lumino Set. I also
 like the deluxe size from cleanser, serum, day and toner that are not too big or too small for my daily usage.
Not bad this brand of OP Thailand, all the cleansers actually cleansed my skin to perfection and never dry
my dehydrated skin at all. 

This cleanser didn't dry my sensitive skin at all but kept my skin hydrated and
smooth enough. The reason why I said perfection is because after cleansing my
skin to fresh, clean face this toner refreshing my skin once again with its
rejuvenating plant extracts scent and tone my skin to firm and smooth skin. 
No dark, dirty patches on the cotton pad. I concentrate more on my neck area where
my main concern should be at this age, before it gets worse. 
The day cream texture is not too rich or watery, it's perfect enough to fully-absorbed into my very dry skin
after dabbing it evenly on my face and neck. I won't say it's firm up like the Quite Coat Mask Moisturiser
but it does moisturised my skin to smooth and hydrated skin. I really like all the products of this OP brand.
The night serum is kinda precious to me as not only it smells so good and rich enough for a serum that
works wonderfully for my skin repair at night, it also keep the wrinkle far, far away from me. I'm gonna stock
up more of this brand products for sure in my next trip to Thailand. Love it, Bravo OP brand of all time!


  1. No wonder you look so youthful! Now i know ur secret :P

    1. Haha...Henry, you also look youthful and cool esp.with your hat on! :P

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