Sunday, January 5, 2014

SHILLS Beauty V Miracle Lift Event

The signature of today's highlight is 'SHILLS Miracle-Lift' that instantly showing lifting effects in just one time
trial of the full range skincare products. Glad I can make it that afternoon as I have driver to send me that day. 

The welcoming Bloggers Workshop was held at Rasa Utara with nice syrup to drench my thirst on the hot day.
Welcome speech and introduction by SHILLS Team before we start on the beauty lifting journey that afternoon.

The important infos and knowledge about aging that would happen to everyone naturally and eventually, we're
gonna need anti-aging products to achieve and maintain beautiful , youthful skin. Haha...I really need it now!

The star products used to tighten up skin, facial contouring for ideal V-shape and firming up sagging skin.

Love this Rose 5-in 1 Deep Clarifier Water that smell refreshingly divine with its Rose scent. It also deeply
cleanse makeup, dirts and tones my skin to fresh, clean skin without feeling oily at all.

The new Miracle-Lift Cleanser that didn't dry my skin as I only use sufficient bit of it.
The texture is creamy but foamy enough to clean my skin as double cleansing step.
Let's go step-by step Miracle-Lift our skin naturally, without any plastic surgery. 

5 pumps of this Miracle-Lift Serum to lift and firm my skin. I like the relaxing scent.

The demo done on model of the day Nicole, I can see the obvious result of the massage technique+efficacy of
Miracle-Lift product. It's lifting and firming up the skin esp.after the holistic massage technique on our skin. 

Last but not least, the Miracle-Lift Mask to enhance the final result of our uplifted skin that can last for 8 hours. 

The strong aroma mask is kinda relaxing for me.That's why they recommend us to use it for night use till next
morning for 8 hours sleep. But I won't put the mask and sleep with it as when I sleep, I wana feel safe and free.

The award of Beauty Best Seller by EH, Female and Nuyou magazines.

The relocation opening branch at Berjaya Times Square, just at the end of the front door on left hand side.

The SHILLS Face Care section, full of pink and the whole range of skincare products lining up for grab.

The SHILLS Bodycare range with many promotions running+goodies like the flower bag is kinda tempting to me.

Finally, the SHILLS Miracle-Lift the star of the product range they believe with good result and much faith in it.

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