Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bioessence Tanaka White Challenge 2014

1st day of the challenge for registration of Bioessence Tanaka White Challenge.
I stands at No.32 of the total 40 young challengers. I used to attend Bioessence
events since 10 years ago, till today still attending it. 
Scanning deep into dermis layer of skin under the Group 4, she told me she can't
trace any dry or problematic skin and asked what's the secret of my healthy skin? 

The 2014 Bioessence Tanaka White full range of products that I really liked its classy packaging, it's effective
enough to maintain radiance, hydrated skin for me and it's easy to use too. Liu Yan, the beauty guru guiding
us step-by step in using the full range of Bioessence Tanaka White that afternoon.

The Bioessence Tanaka White 4x Flawless White Serum is my favourite product
from this range. I never forget to use it everyday to keep my skin fair and
 moisturised throughout the day. 

Group photo with Taiwanese Liu Yan after the whitening challenge at Berjaya Times Square, great memories!

The Tanaka White Double Whitening Series for our daily use, given 2 boxes for us to review and check on
the result after 2 weeks using it. Once again, my group 4 leader told me my skin is flawless and she even
called her friend "Remember the lady I told you having perfect skin is her loh."Haha...I only managed to
smile, blushing shyly about it. 

A makeover for me that I requested a light makeup for me will do, pictures taken
for our challenge and I quickly left home for my dinner already. Super duper busy!

The last day of the challenge with sweet Linda Chung making an appearance at Sunway Pyramid, she looks
great with healthy, lovely skin obviously. She shared about her latest 'TVB series All That Bitter Is Sweet'
that I like watching and been following esp. my love in learning medicine, health, beauty and wellness. 

Last but not least, a picture momento to final close the Tanaka White Challenge for
2014 and I'm glad I came for the event after completing the whole challenge. Yay!

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