Sunday, November 23, 2014

Discover The Secret Of Ruby By O'slee

I'm glad I came that busy afternoon as Oslee is like a part of essential skincare I'm using everyday to keep my
skin hydrated, zero-pore due to aging, brightening effect and a simple skincare regime that's suitable for me. 

The star product of today's beauty secret workshop by Oslee Malaysia is the
'Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner'. This is the latest lovely Pink packaging
coming to you soon, available exclusively at Guardian pharmacies nearest to you.

Oslee Malaysia Ruby Toner is the 4th generation beauty product developed
specially for Malaysian market that comes in oil-free water, suitable for our skin.
The Oslee range of products on display at the beauty workshop held in Carcosa Seri Negara. I told Oslee
I've been using most of the Oslee products for a few years already, except the Lemon Soda Serum only.

The delectable hi-tea spread prepared to sweet-tempt us that fateful afternoon.

After Aaron, the managing director of Oslee introduced a little history of  Oslee from Hongkong wonders to
Malaysia, he demonstrated to us the miracle ingredients of the Lemon Soda that managed to brighten our skin
 with excellent, immediate absorption of the Lemon Soda Serum. The water has changed to crystal clear water.
This is the Lemon Soda Serum I've always longing to try, and now I get the chance
to review it as well. It cost RM59.90 for 40 ml per bottle. Can't wait to try it soon!

Makeup demonstration by Noah, who's able to do two makeovers for Shin Yee fabulously fast, easy for him. 

Last but not least, a picture momento to keep for great memories of this meaningful event by Oslee Malaysia.
Haha...All's well, ends well as after I've enjoyed the English Hi Tea at Carcosa, I reached home safe and sound!

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