Monday, November 10, 2014

'MOU WA HO SHUET' - Speechless

Life is ironic, funny and can be so weird at times, but that's what we called a life that we are going through everyday. Just like the spa gathering I had with Jamie and her friends recently, they wanted to join us both that fateful day where she asked if I'm ok with it. I told her, welcome them to join us and lucky we had a good memories time together that day chatting and getting to know each other better. During the gathering, Jamie told me I'm the new enemy of Apple who always believe she's the most beautiful lady among Jamie's friends as Apple is really into beauty kinda girl from perming her hair nicely to lovely manicure pedicure art done on her. We talked and touched much about beauty pampering, plastic beauty and the latest beauty treatments that cost thousands of dollars, involving our circle of friends. 

Haha...I told Apple, "I'm not your enemy ok. Everyone have their own beauty they can be proud of, you have the height there, you look gorgeous and awesome just the way you are. Just like this Jamie, she looks like the Hongkong TVB actress Chan Yuk Lin I told her about but she don't have the confident to take any pictures with me because she thinks that she's over-sized, she gotta hide behind me. She's so weird and she cannot continue acting like this. To me, beautiful comes in any size, colours and looks. All of you should have more confidence with yourself." Jamie smiled shyly and she finally took the courage to pose a nice picture with 4 of us having great times together at the 3rd floor classy cafe of Ossoto Spa. 

Jamie wazzapp me that her friends really liked me and hoping to gather again for a get together that I told her sure so long we all can make up the free time to meet again. Last Oct, I also got a message from this marketing director I met recently, "I like you girl. You're fun, sporting and classy" that I replied her, "I like you too. Life is short, live life to the fullest." She asked me when we can meet again for a tea session just for the two of us as the last time we met we were surrounded by celebrities and handsome men sitting besides me we both didn't get the chance to have an intimate chat that I promised to contact her if I'm around the KL area. "I miss you too, it's good to be busy", I replied Jamie when she said she missed me so much. We tried to meet up at least once a month or once every 2 months based on our busy schedules. 

That night after our spa pampering gathering and on the way to my car, Apple bid goodbye to me and told me let's meet again next time. I waved goodbye to her and replied her, "Sure!" GSM loved my car so much esp.the metallic Orange colour that she asked what's the brand of my car she fell in love with. Haha...I told her to get it from the Toyota Hybrid that's costing RM153,000 now. Last 2 months my sis, best ally Toto also wanted to get the same car like mine when she decided to get a new car for herself after driving her Honda City for many years liao. She was asking me about my Hybrid car, to brief her more about it before getting it that I told her the government has lift up the tax waiver and charging the excise duty back on it. She got so dissappointed with the latest news of the price ranging from RM153,000 to RM230,000 for the luxury Hybrid cars now. 

So she decided to get the new Toyota VIOS instead at RM80,000 which I totally support her decision on it. When the rest of our bro and sis comment on her nice new car, I told her it's totally worth it as it's a necessity for her to drive a new, better car for herself since she's not into buying new clothes, luxury handbags and she deserves a better car for all her efforts in earning her own income. She then replied us, "Yea, totally agreed. Money cannot bring along to coffin, money earned is to be spend wisely and I love my new baby." Nowadays, she knows how to enjoy her life more by going spa, hair rebonding and even facial asking me to come along with her. Haha...I'm glad she has changed for good, knowing how to love herself to live happily in life and updated me all her happiness from time to time.  

Just last Friday, I was so lazy to go out at night for the Wacoal Boho Chic event but I have promised my bestie EK since 3 weeks ago that we're going for this event together, and so I did. I went and met more than 10 friends there, many of them told me long time no see and I replied them yea it's about a year long. Haha...a few I hugged them along the way and they asked to take pictures with me. When I was enjoying the Coffee Bean Tuna Sandwich bite by bite slowly, Janet came to me with her camera but seeing me eating she said ok, let me finished eating only we can take pictures together. I quickly munching it to the last bite and went to take 2 pictures with her. She said, "Every year I see you, you have not age at all but looks prettier and better looking." "Paiseh, where got?" 

Everyone told me I look gorgeous that night and I replied all of them, "Same to you, you look great as well." Later that night, a blogger held on my hand to say goodbye to me. She told me, "OMG Jacinta, your hand is so smooth. Your face, your hand and even your body is so fair." I told her, "No lah, I just got back from China, somewhere somehow got me very tanned liao." "Yea, you really travelled a lot" and I replied her, "Actually, this year I tried not to travel so much as last year I've travelled to 12 countries liao, and with the danger of flight terror this year esp. I only travel when it's necessary." Then we continue on about her travel to KK and the 'Lei Tai Ngo Hou, Ngo Tai Lei Hou'(You see me good, I see you good) kinda conversation that left me speechless that night. I replied all of them, "Mou Wa Ho Shuet, just thank you is all I can say!"  

Life is meant to live happily and blissfully with our loved ones, without having to compete and compare with the others. Just like I told Jamie and the gang that day, 'Yan Tung Yan Bei Jau Bei Sei Yan' that simply means if you start to compare one with another, you compare to death also brings you uncertain result and would the result brings you any good? Not at all, as if you step on others, 'Chai Dai Yan, Tai Gou Ji Gei' you think you can look better or superior than others then you're totally wrong about it. When others compliment you, thanked them and uplift each other in a positive way. By doing this way, both of you would be able to attract more good fortunes for one another. The laws of attraction works when you're calling the positive things to happen in your life. 

Jamie has been telling me in China, Aunty bought so many things cost thousands of dollars just like her when the Chinese 'Sai Lik' sales people knew how to praise her till 'Piu Piu Yin'(floating in heaven). I told her it's normal and cannot blame aunty for feeling happy about it as she told me she sold her big house in Taman Desa liao, living simply now by staying at a small place with her hubby only. At her age of 82, she can buy whatever things she liked and useful for her as long she's happy. And from my thorough observation, she's having a long live life is because she's a happy go lucky lady and I totally understand her feelings about it. Only that the praises in China doesn't works for me because I have all the silk, alkaline+supplement products that I'm using everyday already. 

To me, it's not that I don't appreciate sincere praises and compliments, I truly appreciates it from the bottom of my heart. It's a blessed, feel good fortune that we should accept and thanked the people who shower us this lovely gestures. It's just my thoughts on China persuasive services that I believe even if they don't shower us any compliments also but if we liked the products that's beneficial to us in the long run like the Bamboo Charcoal products, we would grab it willingly without being pushed to buy it. We know the importance of using Bamboo Charcoal products for good health, beauty and wellness, from top to toe usage and 24 hours a day at home by putting it inside the fridge for fresh food to 8 hours beauty sleep nightie.

It's one of the best innovation technology developed by the Japanese since many years ago for their health and wellness. Jamie also bought the whole same set together with me after I've explained to her the benefits of using the Bamboo Charcoal products for long term good health. Rambo have been telling me about this Bamboo Charcoal technology many years ago as he's into manufacturing industry so he knows about it, and when I was in Japan last few years back, I got to know about it too. The Chinese has learned the secret from the Japanese and trying to 'bolot' the Japanese innovative products sold in their own homeland. When I volunteered to test the belt on my stiff neck, I can feel the obvious blood circulation that shoots rapidly to my head from my neck and in just 15 minutes, my neck can twist and turn easily like a robot already. 

Excellent result that the old aunties and uncle also bought it and I let Rambo bought the whole set for his good health, exercise and slimming therapy. Actually, all of us were having stiff necks and aching bodies till we don't wana walk anymore but hoping to sit longer inside the room for total relaxation. Haha...In fact, Rambo has tried to show off his new trim body to me last week as he managed to slim his 'perut buncit' after been using it religiously for a month. At 1st, he told me it's impossible to achieve it, but I told him it will works for him. It's just a matter of time only and remember to stay discipline in using it everyday. Everything is possible if you're positive about it, and make sure you don't give up 'Bu Fang Qi' but to persevere till the last minute of it and so he did it. That's life, C'est la vie!


  1. Love your attitude, Jacinta! It's my pleasure knowing u. :D

  2. Thanks Elana, it's my pleasure to know you too. Stay healthy and happy! :D