Sunday, November 9, 2014


GIVENCHY new fragrance called DAHLIA DIVIN has just been launched recently and exclusively at Sephora
Sunway Pyramid. Thank God I still remember to attend this afternoon event from east KL to West PJ, old liao!

The exquisite square packaging with its fragrance golden liquid seems to
blend really well that looks enchanting and entrancing through my heart.

Joanne is wearing the lovely DAHLIA DIVIN's bracelet for me, all at once bewitching me into the mood of love
for the new range of Givenchy DAHLIA DIVIN golden theme. Haha...golden girl with a sexy fragrance all over!

The makeover using Givenchy's makeup, not forgetting their signature mascara that managed to beautify my
fine eyelashes boldly.  

A picture momento with Cheryl and the models during the launch, after the sensational Givenchy makeover.

Givenchy brand is available at Sephora Sunway Pyramid if you're looking for luxury French beauty products.

GIVENCHY Parfum comes in 30ml, 50 and 75 ml bottle.

GIVENCHY has chosen Alicia Keys to represent the brand as their Divine Icon with her grace, aura
and talent who have captivated the world. 

A little more infos about Alicia Keys, check out her famous Fallin' song if you're free.