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China - ZhangJiaJie (Day 4)

The love fruit of my life, 'Tou' that's so juicy and yummy, I wished I could buy more to bring back home for
total indulgence. Lucky I bought this fruit to keep me energized throughout the day, replenish hydration
and sufficient nutrients for me to trail the enchanting Avatar high mountain that day. Actually taking lots
of fruits, vegetables, nuts and flooding myself with much water are healthy enough for my daily nutrients.

1st stop of the morning tour, we were brought to a foot massage pampering and taught on health, beauty
and wellness. Rambo helped his friend to get the 'Bao Shu Ling', a miracle cream for burns, cuts and body
pain relief as the last time she asked Rambo to help her to get it we didn't visit this Chinese medical centre.
I didn't apply the snake venom oil that can helped to release pain and improved blood circulation in our
body as it involved animal killings, but I put on the herbal pads that instantly relaxing my neck all at once.

Aunty aged 82 years old bought the whole set of Chinese medical products cost RMB9000+ from them after the
Chinese Sifu managed to use his inner power to 'Pik Chut Lei' (forcefully took out) those toxins with blood from
her hubby's body. In fact, I can see that he walks faster and better compared to the 1st few days he arrived with
his tongkat also he almost fell down and having the difficulty to walk for long and stand steadily. Totally worth
the money spent rather than feeling weak, can't finish the lovely scenery journey and occasional near-accidents.

After the miraculous therapy tour like you're watching a movie then we get to tour
our 1st beautiful journey at TianMenShan, that's too huge you need at least a week
to really explore this 'Avatar-inspired' charming journey. Just when I thought the
Jiuzhaigou is so huge you a week to explore it, this ZhangJiaJie is another one of
the other humongous place you need much patience and perseverance to explore it.

It's so hot and humid I had no choice but to use my Jaspal Leopard-print Umbrella to protect myself from the
hot sun and thank God we only need to sit comfortably on a train, enjoying the captivating scenery before we
reached to 3 Sisters attraction stop. Fascinating views with fantastic arrangement ever, this is the best way to
tour a place without having to walk so far about 30 minutes to visit a beauty for momento pictures here. Yay!

Sunny day, getting close to nature of beauty like this is a real blessing in life. I
exchanged places with Rambo from right side to left side as he kept calling me to
pose for many pictures here. I saw those tourists who walked pass this route all
look real haggard, tired like just going through a hellish journey of their lifetime. 

Finally reached '3 Jie Mei Shan for pictures, enjoying the 'Shan Ja' Ice Cream again
to cool my heaty body and chitchat session before we leave this tourist pit stop.

Rambo can pose happily and cheerfully looking good for this picture because this is only the beginning of the
shocking, tiring ZJJ journey for us. Haha...wait till the end of the journey then he realized what ZJJ trip is all
about as after that day, we ended up tired and walked like the tortoise. No more Alibaba Jack Ma story sharing
with him but "Amituofo, Good night Pi" and I fell asleep already like a baby. I slept at 10pm to 6am for 8 hours
beauty sleep in China, everyday 'Fung Yue Bat Goi' (Wind & Rain also no change) along the 7 days China trip.

I've been calling for lunch at 12 noon as I need more energy to walk longer and
faster after the morning TianMenShan tour. Jamie said not bad the food here as
they prepared more than 10 Chinese Hunan specialty dishes for us that afternoon,
but for me, everything was so-so only as I don't take oily and salty food, fatty meat.
Consider I'm lucky enough as China is rich with juicy fruits like Kiwi (Hunan), 'Tou'
and Banana to keep me full and energetic like the monkey. Haha...Bro Chai was so
happy to hear that from me about me being a Vegan in China for the whole week.

China in Hunan province is full of wonderful and beautiful arts done by talented artists. Totally falling in love
with all of it esp. the pictures of ZJJ bewitching scenery that can stunned you for hours. It's like you fell in the
trance of their magical, sensational spell like that. This picture perfect already charmed me so much, but wait
till the end of the day after watching the real beauty of ZJJ that got me really awestruck by its natural beauty.

After having a good lunch that day, we were led to the Silk Centre selling all kinds of silk products esp. the
silky bedsheets. Long time ago in China history, only the Emperor and Empress gets to wear the luxury silk
clothings which I learnt the informative knowledge from another silk factory 10 years ago. This silk centre
only knows how to promote their latest 'Xin Kuan' style and trend to tour members but not into providing
any good knowledge like the many silk centres that I've visited over the years in China. 

It's very interesting to get to know more about the making of silk to manufacturing
process which I enjoyed learning from the experts everytime I go holiday in China.

In fact, everyone have been looking forward to shop for something here and Jamie has asked me to get her the
best deal ever besides choosing the most alluring and appealing designs for her. Rambo told me it must be the
silk comforter I'm using everyday that helped to smoothen my body to silky soft skin which I agreed with him.
This charming stones of beauty is just like the standing crystal that stayed strongly charismatic of its own. No
wonder my friends who have travelled around the world long enough encouraged me to travel to to ZJJ China
no matter how hard the journey can be.Tan, in his 60's loved Germany beautiful scenery in Bavaria Hills very
much yet he still asked me to must-go ZJJ for its amazing mountain beauty. I'm glad I did with no regrets at all.

Haha...Yea, although it's tiring and very 'Xin Ku'(difficult) kinda trip of China adventurous tour, but it's
totally worth the great effort to reach up here with China's technology nowadays. It's good enough to
reach up here more than 4000m high(sea level) to view all this spellbinding views through the longest
cable car ever been built by the Chinese in China.
To me, consider it's very easy for all of us liao to reach up so high without having to hike the high mountain
and hills using the 'Tongkat'. And I'm glad that I really took the chance to go now rather than old that time just
like Rambo said the old aunties who can't follow us go through the whole journey till the end of the journey as
in 'Wo men bu zou hui tou lu' is the last resort of choices for them. It's not that we wana leave them behind but
it's entirely meant good for their own safety. At least they've travelled up to ZJJ top to witness the real beauty.

The astonishing hilly beauty here was fabulous and marvelous enough to give you unstoppable surprises. I
kinda lost of words to fully describe this ZJJ supernatural beauty. Indescriable beauty, no wonder my friend
Grace told me the last time she was here for a holiday, there's a photographer fell down from here when he's
taking pictures from here.I've been warning Rambo all the time please be careful at all times as you only live
once and no second chance if you really fall down from here, unless it's a miracle I dare not imagine about it.

Not only the enthralling views managed to capture my heart and soul to perfection when I was here whole day,
it's enchanting me enough to stay for hours to walk really slowly and steadfastly all along the way to the end of
this Avatar beauty journey. I really took my own sweet time to smell the flowers, taking pictures and watching
the beautiful scenery completely. Indisputable beauty of its own, no wonder why Grace encouraged me to come.

Now I know why I can watched Avatar movie to the end as the beauty scenery can
be so magnetic and kinetic to pull me watching it strongly. Then when I told Rambo
about it, he wanted to go China ZJJ too as he's watched this movie many times liao. 

I have waited so long to come to this magical ZJJ stunning beauty due to flood lah, H1N1 lah and many other
reasons before that stopped me from travelling to Hunan.Finally, when I asked around many travel agencies
to confirm it's safe only I'm able to view all this captivating beauty ever. I'm so grateful and thankful that day
I told Rambo, both Jiuzhaigou and ZJJ impeccable sceneries are gonna stayed the most beautiful places on
earth for us. Even the 70 years old aunty told Jamie that once she have travelled to Jiuzhaigou, other places
will not charm or give you much surprises anymore. 

Haha...I totally agreed with her when Jamie asked me when is the best time to
travel there. I told her all the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
also beautiful. It's better to go around Spring as we get to experience the snow
play, blossoming flowers everywhere with a spectacular waterfall. It's called
the 'Fairyland', the most beautiful place on earth which I fully agreed with it. 

All along the way, there was this drawing art by a young talented Chinese who can draw effortlessly
and 'Pui Si' reading poems of love for our distinctive names on this wonderful art. I fell in love with it
immediately and although the tour guides were rushing us, I insisted to pay the young Chinese for a
meaningful art of my lifetime. I told Jamie, it's totally worth it esp.when he drew my Chinese name with
such great positive thoughts that I like and seemed to click well with my Dragon+business personality.

It's like he can read my personality of doing my own business wishing me 'Sang Yi Hing Loong', my Dragon
personality starting with 'Zhang' as in ZhangJiaJie and many good blessings that are related to my character
as well. Yea, he did wish me to stay healthy, happy and pretty always but that's not the reason I wana support
him at the 1st place, It's his brilliant talent that got me attracted and wanted to give him the chance to make
money. Jamie of course joined and followed me in getting a nice art for herself. Bravo to the talented Chinese!
I was taking the highest elevator in the world at 330m high to the ground floor. Haha...we got so excited
about it as we're watching the ZJJ views from the highest level to lower level. Fantastic feeling of all time!

Such a breathtaking view ever, can be seen clearly even for the far away views. Great experience of taking a
lift from the mountain that stand firmly and boldly for many thousand years liao. Amazing nature of China!

Haha...talking about the amazing China, that's the highest elevator I just took
to the lower ground for the cable car ride back. As long we don't have to walk
any further, count that as our blessings already to end our journey for the day.

Everywhere sceneries in ZJJ seems to look alike but actually it's different from one to another and you
cannot distinguish which one is better than the others because every views here looked great of its own.

Finally, after a tiring long day I get to enjoy food as much as I can. This Korean BBQ dinner was meant to
keep us fulfilled with eat all you can so I really took the time to enjoy food till the very last moment. Jamie
was asked to sit with the other table as to balance 7 members in each table but she wanted to sit with me so
I told them no need, Jamie can sit next to me and we enjoyed the BBQ with much cheers and laughters that
night.We had great time talking about our trip that day, added more vegetables for our much-needed energy
and feeling totally satisfied with our achievements of completing another challenging ZJJ journey that day.
Life is beautiful when I'm grateful. That's life, c'est la vie!

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