Sunday, November 30, 2014

AUPRES Ultimate White Skincare Review

My review:
This specially formulated Aupres Ultmate White Intensive Spot Serum by Shiseido Laboratories Japan not only smells divinely rejuvenating for me the very 1st time I try on it, but the lotion texture of the serum is smoothly absorbed into my dehydrated skin after 2 rounds of massage on all over my face and neck. I totally fell in love with its brightening effectiveness that managed to keep my skin fair, moisturised and smooth too. And the price is reasonably priced for a whitening spot serum that targeted to improve dull skin and dark spots intensively, with its rich ingredients and unique advanced technology on double-whitening+anti-oxidation.

For a lazy lady like me who's aging at my late 30's, I tend to forget sometimes applying skincare esp. when I came home late at night after a gathering with my 3 dear Charmers, but I still remember to use it most of the time just to indulge the divine smell of this serum by locking-in the needed moisture for my dehydrated skin. After applying hydration toner, I use 2 pumps of this just-right serum to massage it evenly all over my face and neck for a total pampering. At night, I locked-in the rich Ultimate White Cream for a total skin repair, skin regeneration and deep hydration process. 

I'm very satisfied with the result after using the Aupres Ultimate White skincare range given to me for this review especially it managed to provide me the brightening effect with its refreshing scent that really revitalized my smell sense to perfection and at the same time, providing deep moisture for my aging skin that tends to form wrinkle and fines lines very easily. I just can't stop the aging process as the reality will take its place naturally with collagen loss but I'm thankful to Shiseido Co. for giving me this lovely set to keep my skin beautiful and youthful in 2014. To get up close with Aupres Malaysia, check out

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