Thursday, November 27, 2014

Winter Wonder 2014

Jamie wazzapp me yesterday night telling me that she have just booked a Taiwan trip with her friends in March, I told her to enjoy to the max. She told me yea to release stress, if not life is hard to go on living everyday with daily 'Pok Sat'(Ganbatte) achieving her goals and dreams that kinda drowning her down. In fact, the last trip we went to ZJJ China trip together was her 'stress release escapade' that got her very motivated in life like breathing a new life now. Again, she mentioned to me "Rambo and you are very very nice people you know. I really 'Gan En' to you that everyday I also I will think of you when I'm driving to work." "Haha...Really, no wonder I always think of you because you always think of me," I replied her in my total surprise. "Yea, although I didn't wazzapp you everyday but my mind kept thinking about you," she told me. "Well, we really have a good trip with great memories together and staying so attached all the time, that's why we would be feeling this way dear. I will see you next month December ok", I reassured her again. 

She kept saying how nice my life is 'So Song' when I update her my schedule, I told her she can do the same and she's also having 'song song' life too when she's fulfilled with good lucks all the time striking numbers through Magnum and Toto lotteries that I'm truly happy for her. But then she said, "Choi Duo Sen Ji Yeok'(lots of prosperity luck but having bad health) because in the last few months, she's suffering from hormonal imbalance+mental stress for the past 3 months that got her life so upside down. But after the China trip, she told me she's 'Chung Mun Sun Sem' now living her life full of hope and confidence with me. If everyone understand the meaning of life, life is always full of imperfections and full of challenges then you'll learn to let go many things like attachments, anger, greed and arrogance slowly, esp. the alter ego that's poisoning us every minute of the day.

At my grand ma's funeral, my Aunt S.Lan told me her husband didn't wana die at age 67 but what can he do about it when the tumour has grown up to 10cms inside the liver. When he 1st detected it a small tumour, he didn't want to operate it and so after the doctor has confirmed that no more hope liao but to accept the seriousness of the dysfunctional liver tumour which blocked his chance to live any longer he called my aunty and not long after that, he passed away liao. I still remember everytime I met this wealthy uncle, he said that I looked exactly like my mom, 'Beng Yan'(biscuit mould). I only smiled and have a good chat with him as my uncle, who loved my aunt as his 2nd wife. Just when they thought my Popo was strong enough who can live longer than my aunt's hubby, she passed away on the same month too after having to suffer in old age illness for so long. 

Deep in my heart, I told my Popo face to face at her coffin to leave this world out from the sufferings, rest in peace. Buddhism has mentioned that life is full of suffering that we need to go through the journey with total calmness without resorting to commit  suicide. Said is easier than done, but when you're really facing it then you'll know it's so hard to let go of the hardship because the excruciating pain all at once would swallowed you into deep depression of going crazy in life if you're not strong enough. Just recently, I got to know that my friend MS who is diagnosed with Colon Cancer at age 27 years old, one of the youngest of them all in Malaysia history. I told her, usually Colon Cancer will attack more to men and after 50 years old that she replied me yea. After hearing her touching story, I advised her to share it out with the public so more people will be aware of this shocking story ever. She will share it soon one day, just give her some time to prepare for it. After knowing her better, I was very sure the reasons why I wanted to help and guide her much by advising her to take Cellfood for her healthy body, mind and soul, besides combating the colon cancer she's facing now. 

She's a very nice and capable lady who's full of potential in her, 'Ngo Tai Hou Hui'. I can see her great potential of life and I knew she's a strong woman who can stand up strongly to combat the Colon Cancer with her loved ones as she really listen and learn fast. She's also pure, believe in 'Guan Yin Pu Sa' just like me and she's a Scorpion lady who have the same character like my dear LeAnne. That's why we can clicked well immediately, besides the strong 'Yuen Fen'(fate) that's leading us to know each other better. I told both of the Scorpions that I would get them to meet each other one day real soon. Haha...time really flies too fast that my dear Charmers have grown up too independent now that they didn't want to follow my mom+sis to Penang trip recently for Lynette's Samba Dancing Competition at Batu Ferringhi, Penang. And I don't encouraged both of them to force my dear Charmers as they wanted to spend time with friends now, so let them be. 

Last time, LeAnne always asked me where are we going for school holiday and manja me to plan for them, but now, they're acting like the big birds already. 'Yau Mou, Yau Yik' (got fur, got wings) where they can fly on their own liao and with their growing up friends too. Haha...I told my 3 musketeers this, they also have no choice but to accept the fact of it. My dear Ying Shan is going to start her Form 1 liao next year 2015. That day when she showed me all her birthday gifts from her friends, I heard that this malay boy in her class of a Chinese school gave her so many lovely gifts that kinda pushed me to ask her if the boy likes her or what? She told me yea, last year he told me she likes me very much and wanted to be my boyfriend but I told him "No, we can only be friends." I replied her "Good, if you don't like the boy/guy, you better tell him honestly. Don't give any false hope or alarm to him.""Ok, will do," she replied me by nodding her head too. Haha...that's my dear!

I cannot believe that they've grown up to 3 big girls liao, but that's the reality of life as time is passing by so quickly. All 3 of them are having the same character just like me, I disliked fake people. They told me the same, as recently this year of 2014 they found out some of their friends are so fake where they're acting so nice in front of them but stabbing them from behind like the 'Kam Sau Ji'(golden finger). So I asked them how are they dealing with it? They told me what they did to the extent of some friends who even asked their parents to call my sister Defney, her mom asking why my LeAnne doesn't wana be friends with them anymore? My sister told me about this incident too where I told her, let them deal with it and never force her to do what she doesn't feel comfortable with, and so she did. That's why LeAnne is feeling so much happier this year, she told me because she only mixed with genuine good friends who make her feels good about herself and staying happy with them.

She just wana live life happy like she always did. I used to call her the "Hoi Sem Guo'(Happy Fruit) where she can be her true self all she wants in her life. She also had a boyfriend now who stays very protective and supportive of her, she told me. I did asked her, "Is he a good boy or not?" after she showed me her boyfriend picture. She assured me, "Yes, he makes me feel good about myself. Always supporting what I do." Haha...Good, that's what really matters to her and I'm not worried about her study because she's very intelligent. Even her bestie Ying Shan said that when we get the chance to chat among us 4 bffs. Lynette, on the other hand is full of life experiences now where I kissed her good luck that Friday night for her dancing competition. I told her to do her very best and enjoy her life as it is. She nodded her head and smiled before we bid goodbye after having the steamboat rendezvous at Butterworth, Penang.

Life is short I know, but never thought it can be so short till I just found out my classmate in Form 1-3 had passed away due to Colon Cancer. Just passed her birthday at aged 38 years old, she's having 3 young girls where I did compliment once on her FB both girls were having nice skin just like her and I can feel how hard she must be feeling leaving her 3 little angels behind her life due to cancer illness. My FB status has clearly stated how I feel deep inside of me about life is really short and unpredictable. Colon Cancer is really troubling and torturing lot, it won't gave you much time to live long and once it strikes aggressively in the body, a sad goodbye is all you manage to say it at once. That's why my sis Toto knows how to enjoy her life better now after her friend's departure, will continue more stories in my next Winter Wonder sharing as now, I need to wrap up my financial accounts for November month 1st before I can blog more about life. No matter what happen in life, life goes on where you need to stay strong to move on. That's life, c'est la vie!

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