Sunday, November 23, 2014

Life Is Indeed Ironic

Life is naturally 'Xin Ku'(hard) for everyone, full of life obstacles that you need to go through the journey with much patience and perseverance. It's either you managed to jump over the hurdles or not, yet you still need to go through it sometimes. If you cannot jump over it, then try hopping, if hopping doesn't help in anyway then you need much patience to let it 'San'(over) because time will help to heal, mend and pass through the hard times eventually. Always look forward to do better from the mistakes or wrongdoings, admit it with bravery and sincerity that you'll change for a better you of today and tomorrow. Let the past be your lesson, repent from it and never repeat the same mistakes ever again.

Everyone in my family and circle of friends knew I'm a strong woman who only mind my own business. It's not that I'm arrogant or what, but Buddhism has taught us to mind our own business by staying humble and calm at all times. So I'm just being the true me, a happy go lucky lady I stand firmly behind Rambo's back, keeping a low profile as his wife who never speaks much although Rambo always introduced me to his Lim's relatives as the CEO of our partnership company. Usually, the young or old ones came talking to me, I humbly mingle with them all the time. Just like the recent Bro.Chai's wedding at Kechara Vegetarian Restaurant, I knew Rambo's family have many relatives and one of the cousin brother who is Datuk Lim, I never really know them well as when I got married that time, I told Rambo I only allowed him to have a small wedding ceremony limited for our families and close friends only.

From 50 tables, he asked for 30 but I gave him maximum 12 tables only in the end. And from planning to hold it in Shangri-La of RM100, 000 proposal to me, I gave him a Green Light to hold it at Golden Sun Club only, with many expenses slashed to minimum spending. Haha...till today, he still talked about it esp. on the night his brother got married last Saturday, he wanted to do it grandly in Shangri-La Grand Ballroom but I never gave him the chance to realizing his 10 years dream to happen at all. I told him I knew he meant well, just forget it and get over it ok. To me, a marriage is a 'Sing Lok'(pledge) between the two of us who promised to live happily ever after through good and bad times. As long it last for many years till death do us part and we still love each other sincerely and faithfully, that's what really matters to me. I really hope he understand what I did is purely for his own good. 

Just because his cousin brother Datuk Lim, who's a property tycoon held it at One World Hotel in Bandar Utama, doesn't mean he needs to hold the same grand celebration too. Datuk Lim's money comes easily through property business for many years already, 'Sai 10 Sai Dou Sai Emm Sai'*(spend in 10 generation also money still stayed intact) athough he's having two wives with two families. It's the culture for the rich ones even for the Chinese in Malaysia, it's normal for them to marry again and usually their 1st wives can accept this kinda arrangements. I even had a friend in Klang, he's having 3 wives who lived happily and harmoniously together. Weird but it's true, the 3 women that I met they're independent enough earning their own income but they're living joyfully together like 3 happy sisters. I really salute them, 'macam-macam' all kinds of things or events can happen in this world. 

Ironic or weird things doesn't just happened only in China, but in everywhere we travelled to. Just after Jamie told me her grandma passed away this early November, my grandma also has just passed away last 2 weeks. Obviously, both Jamie and I are strong Fire Dragons who can bear to hear the sad news and accept the Buddhism teachings that 'Sang, Lou, Beng, Sei' will tend to happen in our lives, so we sent each other condolences through 'Amituofo' chant prayers. Naturally, we felt peaceful after that and made the great effort by sending our grandmas their last departure to another world so they can rest in peace. Nowadays, I seldom cry in sadness like this, but occasionally I cried for happy occasions only. Every time, my dear Charmers cried in pain, or unhappy about certain things, I advised them not to cry and waste their energy. Instead, they should chant more prayers and calm their senses back to normal, calm feelings. They helped each other by comforting each other too, I'm glad they learned from it.

As time goes by, I'm gonna turn 39 years old in 2015 once the spectacular fireworks celebration takes place, and I don't mind to celebrate it from anywhere around the world. In fact, I prefer to celebrate it in Malaysia as I always shared with people from around the world, Malaysia is a beautiful country. Last Friday, Gan even said that he really welcome me to Penang after seeing me shop till I drop at Gurney Plaza Penang, somewhere somehow helping the Penang economy to boost up all at once. Haha...I told this Monkey senior, Rambo always said the same thing to me, not just in Penang but spending it all over Malaysia. I explained to both of them real seriously that although I earned my money mostly from Japan and China, but I definitely support my own country 1st because this is where I was born and belongs, it's fair that I contribute it back to my country, society and for Malaysians 'tidak mengira bangsa dan agama'. This is our beloved homeland, 'tanah tumpahnya darahku!'(the land my blood flows and grows) 

Everyday, I live with a purpose to help other people and I enjoyed doing it. Almost everyday, I saw my Facebook message box was blasted with all kinds of problems they couldn't solved or go on living with it anymore. If it's not about their dead cats or dogs, it's their wives who ran away gone MIA (missing in action), marriage/relationship and kids problems. That's why I put my 'Facebook Albums Assam Garam Kehidupan', because I'm also a human who's not spared by it too. I do face problems from time to time, but the problems never involved about my character and attitude towards life. It's so-called the nature that takes place like losing my tooth that I need to visit the dentist to fix it asap. When my best ally Sis Toto came looking for me at Bro.Chai's wedding, I also told her I can't speak much because of this prob and when Bro.Chai invited me to go up the stage with him, I only encouraged both Rambo and Sis Toto to support him up there. 

Haha...I took a nice picture for all of them and maintaining my low profile status only. That day, I met a few more Rambo's cousin brothers whom I never met before. Sis Toto introduced us and told me this cousin brother suddenly got 'Fatt Dat'(rich/wealthy) when the glass business was so in demand at the property market. Good for him I said, the reason is simply clear to me because he's a filial child and loved his mom to death. I met his mom many times, in fact almost many Vegan dinners also she came and joined us, she never 'kacau' her daughter-inlaw kinda mom-inlaw and minding her own business only. I believe a happy family must have a good mom to care the whole family 'tuo tuo dong dong', only the son would be able to learn those good traits from her. Just like last Oct, Zhang Weng got 1st place in his class of a private school in KL, everyone in the family sincerely congratulated him on his success. 

Sis Toto said no use if he got 1st place in the class but having a bad attitude, what's the point? I told Sis Toto never comment badly about him. He's a good boy actually, 'man man gau'(slowly teach). Yea, I do agree with her that attitude comes 1st above everything else as if your attitude failed to come right to your senses, whatever things you ventured into also you cannot 'Sau'(keep). Always emulate good, positive attitudes like his uncles, Bro.Chai's patience and Rambo's perseverance, then he will be successful one day. Sis Toto quickly replied, "Yes, totally agreed." During the wedding dinner also, both Rambo and I told Zhang Weng to 'sayang' his mom and to be filial to his parents that really matters to them. Upon hearing that, Sis Toto was very happy esp. when ZW promised he would love his mom very much. Haha... that's life, c'est la vie! 

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