Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dream Trip To Macau

Macau is a fantasy land, one of the world's best gambling wonderland where many famous international hotels are trying to mushroom their ways in building their brands joining the Macau gambling world till today. It's a never ending gambling world that's booming in Macau with their fantastic luxury accommodation, sensational dining and wining choices to choose from every corners of the happening city in Macau. In my last visit to Macau a few years back, I've decided to be a nanny mommy taking good care of my dear Charmers aged 3, 7 and 8 while my gambling buddies went out as soon as they could in trying out their lucks that night. 

Although I was tempted to go along with my '3 sekawan' best buddies to have some fun of gambling blasting night together, but I decided to stay comfortably at Venetian Suite with my dear Charmers, making Lynette her night milk in a bottle before she fell asleep and playing with them that night. I have no regrets having the privilege to spend superb time with my dear Charmers and it will always remained as one of the greatest moment of my life. I cannot turn back the time that has way past long already, but I can always looking forward to get my hand into touching it real soon in my next Macau holiday.  

The '1st Most Amazing Things that makes me want to visit Macau' is 'To strike a Jackpot Game' from the many interesting and inspiring games that they have installed and have been playing in Macau now. Coming to Macau, how can I miss out this kind of exhilarating experience of my lifetime? It happened to me in my last trip because I was too busy going shopping while touring the whole resort where I was staying, having lots of fun with my family and visiting all the famous world heritage attractions in Macau. I still remember we make such a big issue having to walk and running the whole day through visiting Macau, besides travelling with the VIP coach we paid to take us aces to places.

During my visits to more than 10 luxurious casinos all over Macau from Lisbon Casino to Venetian Macau Casino, I have prepared the money to excite myself in the insanity and intensity of touching the chips, throwing the dices in styles and picturing myself as the 'Queen Of Gambler' here in Macau, but somewhere, somehow I was not given the chance and time to even slot an hour to have some fun of it. Haha...I hope this time I'm going to Macau for a visit, I can have the utmost and ultimate opportunity to strike a game of Jackpot here, be it through any of the cool money machine or through playing cards by the professional croupier. In fact, I have many Poker Buddies been encouraging me to go for a gambling, good food trip with them for many years already, I hope http://www.macautourism.gov.mo/ can shed us some lights of guidance if we ever plan to materialize our dreams to blast it here in Macau. 

Talking about good food in Macau, the most memorable moments of my life was enjoying the best of the best food called the 'Portuguese Egg Tarts' that had just came out freshly hot from the oven. It's not just melting in my mouth for wanting more after taking a few of it, but it's also melting deep in my memory forever till today. I have travelled to Portugal for the original Portuguese Egg Tarts there, it was delicious but somewhere, somehow I still think Macau 'Yit Lat Lat'(smoking hot) and 'Heong Pen Pen (smells good) Egg Tarts is the best of the best egg tarts I have ever taken in my life history. Undeniably true and there's no doubt about it already, full stop to fully describes about the best of the best Macau Portuguese Egg Tarts in Macau.

I wished http://www.nuffnang.com/ and MGTO would be able to fulfil my '2nd Most Amazing Things that makes me want to visit Macau'' is 'To learn how to bake this out of this world favourite pastry'. I love to cook and bake just to relax, feeling therapeutic at the same time and fulfilling my happiness for the love of food. It feels good to be true when I'm able to share my culinary skills in cooking or baking with my loved ones. To see their brighten up faces with joyful glowing sparks in their eyes enjoying the good food that I've made the great effort to prepare for them is totally worthy of my precious time. And I want to make it a history in my bakery skill this time by learning from the best expert and master chefs here in Macau, not forgetting to ask my sister and bro-inlaw who are based in Macau now to capture a lovely video for me all along this wonderful journey of my lifetime. 

Macau maybe small as an island but the last trip I was there for 4 days 3 nights stay at Venetian Resort Casino seemed not enough for me to explore Macau for full description of the place. We all wanted to watch the world's newest 'Dancing Water Show that cost Macau HK2 Billion dollar production cost, enchanting us more for night entertainment in Macau but not enough time. We have visited and watched so many enthralling and exciting shows from the many casinos that brought great round of applause and high praises to their own remarkable shows from each casinos. And it definitely serves a dominant purpose attracting us all to must-visit their casino for sure, at a certain point of time of the day and it's totally worth the arrangements we have planned for our last Macau holiday. 

This time, I want to visit Macau watching a night entertainment show for the '3rd Most Amazing Things that makes me want to visit Macau' coming along with a fine dining or buffet whatsoever serving it is by the hotel or casino, as long it's delectable enough to make me stay grounded on my chair for the best show ever with a grand serving of good food. I enjoyed food a lot and I hope this time of my Macau trip, I'm able to fine tune my taste buds of falling in love with Macau glorious good food of food galore of the many mixed cultures here. I only wanted to taste the best of the best good food that many of my family and friends have shared with me all along the years, and I'm willing to take the challenge this time to go all out looking for it. 

I believe 3 days 2 nights trip to Macau this time can fulfilled my '3 Most Amazing Things that makes me want to visit Macau' and to make it a more enjoyable holiday for me ever. And if I ever strike any of the lucky lottery as the lucky lady, having so much money with all the shopping I can splurge again in Macau from am to pm, I'm more than willing to donate some of it for my favourite charity bodies that needed the funds badly. My compassion for giving and sharing was meant to lead a better life for myself, my loved ones and many needy ones. To see other unfortunate ones benefiting something from my own efforts, golden dreams or glory is something I always wish to fulfil in my most ultimate goal of all. Seeing others happy makes me happier indeed, and that is what I called a life, c'est la vie!  


  1. Nice one! All the best!

    1. Thanks Chengy, All the best to you too! :)