Sunday, February 8, 2015

Face Factors Swedish Lymphatic Drainage Massage Review

Face Factors Clinic is located at D3-G4-2, No.1, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. For a feel-good treatment try out here, it's best you can contact the clinic at 03-62053508 to make an early appointment booking 1st. I was greeted by Ricky, a Filipino therapist who served hot tea for me to 'zen' my mood before entering the treatment room for a change. 

This is Mary who mixed the OYA's Concentrated Aromatic Essential Oil into the bowl to cleanse my whole body to clear and lighten my skin from top neck to the bottom feet. Both of them said that I have toned and slim fit body with a flat tummy, I only manage to smile at them and getting ready for this relaxing massage. They only do massage for women, men is only welcome if he comes in as a couple with his wife.

I feels fresh, clean, having soft and silky touch of smooth skin. Then, they start to calm my tired mood for a relaxing massage by inhaling the relaxing essential oil a few rounds into my breathing system. Both Ricky and Mary were massaging for me at the same time. Mary gave a firm massage on my top level and Ricky gave me a gentle touch on the lower body level, I requested them to do so because I'm not used to having 2 therapists doing it for me at the same time and it's kinda itchy or 'geli' for me.

Haha...fantastic feeling, I really welcomed this kinda rejuvenating massage pampering be done for me more often than ever and hope to visit every week for it if possible. At times during the massage was going on, Mary told me there's a blockage at my thigh area based on her years of experience in this Swedish Lymphatic Drainage Massage for me. Now I know why I had such a bad water retention on that area then. 

She actually tried to unblock it for me slowly and gently, with more rounds of fast moving massage on that area only. After completing the drainage process of this treatment, she wrapped me up like the Egyptian Mummy with OYA's Clarifying Solution that smells invigorating for me, a towel and finally the hot blanket to promote blood circulation for me. I didn't feel sensitive to the hot sensation at all, but feeling relaxing and pampering to the maximum level.

In fact, I wana fall asleep already when they called me after the 30 minutes detox session. I wish I can just sleeps there for an hour or so, but it's time to unwrap my 'envelope full of sweat' by the energy solution. Mary told me I sweat easily by seeing the water that needs to be drain out from the fabric enveloping me, it's like an effective slimming session for me that afternoon. The 4 types of essential oils used on me throughout the 2 hours pampering treatment.

This relaxing Face Factors Wellness Therapy cost RM350 per session but they're offering RM178 for 1st trial to try out their treatment. I fully recommended those who love to go for massage pampering to detox, promoting the natural drainage of the lymph to go smoothly back to normal, relaxing and calming our senses to perfection. That night, I sleeps comfortably like a baby. I tend to urinate many many times after drinking more water and I feels really light+easy after that. I wish to visit Face Factors Clinic again for this kinda effective holistic massage to maintain a healthy body, mind and soul in many years to come. Try it, you'll love it!  

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