Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'Xi Qi Yang Yang' - To Be Jubilant In 2015

Whether it's the year of the Goat, Sheep or Ram, I have read the CCTVNews to confirm that it all falls under 'Yang' and can be used in any terms you like it to be. The business investors and astrology have predicted this year is gonna be slow, bad and stagnant but I always believe destiny lies in our own hands. If we strive+thrive hard and smart for it, we'll achieve it even if it's slow, then take it slow and steady. The good auspicious stars are going to pick up after June, so in the mean time we can still plan and cultivate more good deeds to make it happen. One of the most popular Chinese idiom associated with the Goat is "Xi Qi Yang Yang' that means to be jubilant or full of joy. I wish all of you Happy CNY 2015, let's fill our lives full of joys and jubilation, living it meaningfully everyday through good and bad times together. That's life, C'est la vie! (My FB status) 

Whether you're rich or poor also, live it with a happy smile hoping tomorrow is going to be a better day for you and your family. With good intentions you'll attract more good blessings into your life, and with strong vows then comes the inner strength you need to keep you soaring higher up in the sky. Stay harmony and happy living with family and friends as this is the festive season to be living with an open heart, being sincere to each other, forgive easily and truly living with dignity. CNY is the time for you to stay humble, paying respect to the elderly by giving them angpow based on your 'Sem Yi'(sincere heart) as a filial child as the more filial you are to them, the God will repay you the same good fortunes as well. And remember to do more good deeds so that you can have a 'Sun Sun Lei Lei' good life ahead of you. Ask for it, work for it and you'll get it for sure! :)

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