Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Thoughts That You Feed - Angel Or Devil

"You’re born as a leader to lead and help the others", that's a common perception of who I am to everyone since I was young till today. My colleagues in Citibank who were all older than me in their 30's always asked me to represent our Group 2 as the leader to speak infront of 200 people for our team project during Leadership Conference. Not only they're shy, but they also need someone who can represent our group speaking formal English to convince the President and VP of the company. Haha...all of us wanted to win that's for sure. I was 20 years old back then during the 'Pok Sat season' with my JB gang to Johor Bahru once a month, earning about RM3-5K per month and RM10,000 per month for the top performer reward. That was a huge income back then in the past 20 years, but today it's really not a big deal anymore.  

We had great times together being part of the team members and ranked as one of the top team in our company, uplifting each other harmoniously achieving our dreams every month. After I have left the company for a better offer in another financial institution, they still called me out for many gatherings and company conference with them in Penang. It's such a coincidence that I went to Penang for holiday with my family, they knew about it and asked me to spend the night with them at 5 star Mutiara Hotel and so I did. We really made great effort in spending good times great taste at good restaurants together for many years, even when everyone have resigned and ventured into another career lines, we still helped each other out from time to time.

I remembered Robert has just ventured into Life Insurance career where he's not sure how to present the insurance poposal+calculate the Insurance premium and not sure what kinda policy he should proposed to our team leader who tried to give him the support. That night, he plead me to help him which I did everything for him. He thanked me gratefully and asked if I can help him also the next day, I gave him a big 'No' as I strictly told him he needs to stay independent starting from now and strive to work harder in this line of insurance business. It's a tedious job, needs a lot of commitment and great efforts to thrive in this line of career if he's serious in committing this lifetime business. He was 30 years old back then, I was 21 then.

Many of my friends who are Group Sales Managers earning high income here have left this line of business, including Datuk J. They're now into doing investment kinda business who need you to invest your money to make more money for you. In fact Sis Toto have shared this news with me last year in 2014 because her bestie is actually Datuk J's sister, always asked for her support most of the time. Sis Toto told me she didn't join in as she has invested so much money and commitment into properties already that left her no extra money to invest any in it. When she told me her hubby has just joined a new similar investment company as the GM, I reminded them to do things with great moral values all the time. They got my message loud and clear esp. my advise is always relating to Buddhism values.

I always shared our life stories touching on Buddhism values with them so that they would stayed away from the greed, anger, ignorance and arrogance poisons which poisoning the human minds and they really listened, learned from it. I told Rambo many times since I was 24 years old back then, their company maybe loaded with mighty millions of dollars in the bank but they're not supposed to touch the money at all. "You have no right to even borrow one dollar from it", I used to say that to him and advised him to guard his company money safely till today. That's why Bro Cheong always asked me to help him count all the money collected from the events. When I gave him the answer of the total money collected under the account book which is not tally, he quickly asked Sis Toto about it. Sis Toto told us she took the money to pay the agent for this and that payment, so I wrote it down for them in full details. 

I'm like their treasurer of this family as I love counting money but if it's not mine, I strictly handed it back to them as fast as I could. Haha...I never want to be responsible and accountable for other people's money kinda person, but Bro Cheong and Sis Toto are both accountants by profession so they needed me to help calculate and tabulate money for them sometimes so I did it speedily for them occasionally. I also act as a 'calculator' answering my uncle that we're getting RM25K each if we're lucky enough and succeed to strike the Magnum 4D Jackpot from the 2 million allocation for xx pax. My Uncle Ta was surprised he asked, "You don't need a calculator for that?" I smiled at him and replied, "No need, it's just a small amount only". My sister, Rambo and mom sometimes asked me how much is it after 30%-70% discounts during our shopping spree as I usually give them the answer instantly like a Maggi Mee. Haha...That's life, C'est la vie!

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