Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Secret Boomerang Story

Give and you shall receive, always ask for it before you assume you'll get it, and this applies to small or big wishes you wish to achieve. Whenever I craved for Nestle Strawberries Dream Ice Cream, I send positive thoughts to Rambo that I wana eat it when I was watching the TVB Cantonese series at night and suddenly Rambo would come in with my favourite Ice Cream and alkaline water for me to flush out the toxin+fats after enjoying it. I was so surprised I asked him, "How do you know I want to eat Ice Cream and he told me it's the natural reaction he was inclined to do it suddenly like a voice calling to him. "Must be you who's calling me, we have the 'Sem Yau Ling Sai'(heart to heart calling the same thoughts) vibes going through us, he added. 

"Haha...Yea, I was calling you for this actually", I replied him. Not only it's happening to me once or twice sometimes, but I have this positive calling for many, many times have been fulfilled indeed. This has proven that 'The Secret Laws Of Attraction' actually truly and really happening to me. I was kinda busy before the New Year 2015 in completing my business accounts for the 2014 year, so when Jamie, my bestie sent me Merry X'mas and Happy New Year 2015 cutie pictures I didn't have time to reply her until that New Year day, I replied her with a Chinese nice picture in return. She told me we're both having 'Xin Ling Xiang Tung' as she wanted to send that same picture to me as well but I always told her I was lazy to read the Chinese nowadays so she didn't send me that. Haha...we're definitely the twin Fire Dragons who are inseparable nowadays, even if we're not meeting very often now but we definitely missing each other very much.

The amazing part of applying The Secret powerful mindset is you need to be mentally strong, pure, positive and motivated enough to send good thoughts to the person or things to happen immediately. I remembered once Charmaine said that the business I was doing is a big business dealing during the delectable hightea session with Oslee Co. that day, I quickly replied her "Don't say that...Haha" because deep inside my heart, I felt very humbled for Amituofo's great blessings for me and should addressed the good credits back to him and God's good plannings for me. In fact, I'm grateful and thankful to Amituofo and Guan Yin for giving me all the chances and opportunities to explore and expand my horizons to unlimited choices of leading a good life I always wanted to live with my dear hubby. It's the power of the Boddhisatva who have guided me through the right path of living everyday with great moral values, the ethical ways. 

Yea, I may get million dollars business per project for them but I'm generous enough to share it with the party who's getting the million dollar business willingly. I'm open to accept that the party is getting the million dollar business at the end of the project completion because it's their own capabilities having good fortunes to get that business from me as we're destined to meet each other along the way. And I actually value whoever the person dealing with me to have a good attitude with deep kindness, compassion and a responsible person before dealing with him. That's why they're very thankful to us and every time they knew we're there visiting, they wanted to 'Jiu Fu' us to repay our good deeds as the Chinese people used to practise gratefulness since many thousand years ago. Haha...although I told them there's no need and it's not necessary for so many times but they still insisted to thank us with great sincerity that I feel so humbled and fulfilled by their kind gestures to me.

That's why the good vibes of sharing good things be it in monetary terms like this or many other sharing good things in other kinds also seems to attract wealth back to me easily and abundantly, eventually like a Boomerang. It's the good thoughts that we naturally did for others, we never expect anything back in return, but God will and still awarding me back by giving me good rewards/returns naturally.'s a circle of life, a cycle of 'What goes around, comes around'. Time really passed by so rapidly like a velocity speed that's coming to JC's direction as I have strike a lucky number on the January 31st to end it nicely for me. Good January month that I've lived the month meaningfully, and I'm so glad to live it happily exactly as I live and breathe. When Andy my CEO friend asked me about his new business proposal is going to work out or not, I told him "Yes, esp.with the projected growth of income that can be generated from 3 ways incoming sources but I'm not able to join him as my time is limited to 24 hours a day only."

Many suppliers need us desperately to continue their family business legacy as it's harder for them to get business from China, Europe or USA(bad economy crisis) nowadays due to the poor country management and everyone seems to talk about making money only. money no talk, like they said. Even Rambo is having body itchy with me asking me to let him buy a new Bungalow up the hill near my place there, pushing me to go view it with him and sometimes, giving me a lousy business proposal that needs RM300,000 or RM30Kcapital to invest in it. I gave him a big 'No' answer and reasoned with him by explaining to him nicely that this kinda business is so old-fashioned, out of the trendy century already because I believe in doing business with no capital funds involved, I can still generate income in time to come. I will continue more about this topic in my next timeline, so stay tuned on it. That's life, C'est la vie! 

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