Monday, February 16, 2015

Melvita Bio-Excellence Naturalift Organic Youthful Serum Review

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My review
First and foremost, I would like to thank Clarance and Joanne for giving me this latest Bio-Excellence Naturalift Organic Youthful Serum to review in 2015. That week itself, I have tried and tested it with so much excitement wondering if this anti-aging serum can really works like 'Botox-like effect' for my late 30's aging skin to achieve youthful-looking skin. Miraculously, it really works for me after having to use it patiently in the past 4 weeks. You can also read about it at; 

The 1st time I applied it on my face, I can feel the very obvious uplifting effect on my skin already esp. I can feel that my cheekbones are lifted up higher a bit than usual. It works for my skin effectively, no doubt about it after I have applied it evenly on my skin and after 2 rounds of light massage, the serum has fully absorbed into my skin already. I can feel it's tightening my skin to a firmer, younger looking skin. Last year in 2014, my skin tends to sag a lot due to collagen loss, dehydration due to weather and lack of using anti-aging products. 

Another amazing part is when I applied more serum on my neck, I can feel that my neck is stiff by glue like that. Haha...It's giving me the firming and tightening effects at the same time. After using the serum for 2 weeks, I can see the deep wrinkles on my neck have lighten up so much, not so deep anymore. The fruity scent is sweet, smells refreshing for me when I use it at night to hydrates my skin in air-conditioned room. I love it because it manage to firm up my skin instantly and it's easy to absorb into my dehydrated skin like water. 


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