Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nubeà Synergo Daily Shampoo Review

This Italian Nubea Synergo Daily Shampoo is a heaven sent angel to me as
the rich essential oils shampoo not only smells heavenly revitalizing for me,
it also reviving my top crowning glory to fuss-free, light and easy manageable
hair. When Datin shared and swearing to me how good the shampoo is, I told
her I would try it on that night itself, it turned out to be amazingly true for me.

It comes with the most advanced packaging of a big bottle with a twist-open
cap where I need not put on the cap back if I'm too lazy or forgot to put it back
in place. Just twist to the right to open it up, twist to the left to close it back.
I love the divine scent so much I actually looking forward to pamper my hair
everyday although I'm very lazy when it comes to daily hair-bath my dry hair.

It's watery and doesn't need much of it to shampoo my fine hair. It's not drying my damaged hair at all, she's
right about it and this brand Synergo range manage to maintain the state of good health. Not only my hair
but my head feels so light after using it I kept praising about it and I feels really great after pampering with it.
Like they said, after using this shampoo you'll love it so much, to me I'm an addict and a definite fan now.
To get upclose with Nubea brand, check out this blog to try on this beautiful and wonderful experience;

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