Monday, February 2, 2015

Metta Messages For Peaceful, Blissful Life

Everyone have their own preference and interests in life when they logged into their Facebook page. For my dear LeAnne, at this time of century for their generation they liked to post their pictures on FB and instantly, they get many likes for that. She told me about it when she wanted to change her cool profile picture, I told her to go ahead with it and not long after that, she showed me she had so many likes already. This is the trend the young girls have set nowadays, I told her it's also because she's a darling angel I always called her the 'Miss Congeniality'. She's a nice girl where she always like everyone's pictures so it's fair that she got the same many likes from them as well. And I was tagged as her best friends forever with her other friends on Facebook also. Haha...really beh tahan her, what goes around comes around!

In fact when people liked my albums and posts also, I did my very best to reply them the same when I have the time to do so. Not only I feel obligated to do so, but I think it's necessary and important that I should replied them the same by sending good, positive thoughts to each other so that the good vibes are going stronger for each other sincerely and honestly. For me, my main purpose when I glanced through my Facebook page is to be able to read really good Buddhist sharing from many Buddhist groups around. When I really liked it, I gave it a like and share it on my Facebook so many of my friends are able to learn it as well and benefits from it with me at the same time. This Metta sharing I got it from a kind Buddhist who keeps encouraged me to share it with the others, another kind person from around the world and I really thanked him for that. 

And if it's a super duper good article of great positive message for all, I would blog about it and shared the Dharma with them as well. Many of the Buddhist societies have approached me, invited me to join their associations into learning Buddhist Dharma together like Kechara etc. but I humbly declined all of them including Bro Chai's group chanting and praying session also. I fully support their Buddhist group activities and 'Hou Yi'(good intentions) wholeheartedly, but I honestly replied them I prefer to practise on my own with the free time I can find, blogged about it and spreading it through this way. I just shared with Rambo recently on the Venerable Ajahn Siripanyo's interesting story where he can actually give a good speech with his calm demeanour that I really liked about him and I can listened to his Buddhist teachings to the end. He's the son of Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan, the 2nd richest man in Malaysia and Rambo got very inspired with his life story as well after sharing it with him. Rambo actually liked this kinda Buddhism sharing and chanting like 'Buddham Saranam Gacchami, Dhammam...but he's Chinese educated so he's more into chanting Chinese kinda chant like 'Da Bei Zou' prayer.

Not everyone can write about Buddhism, understand and adapt to the Buddhist message so if you're able to enlighten the others after been awaken by it, spread the Dharma like the venerable masters, then your 'Fuk Bou'(good fortunes) are going to multiply extensively only God knows how much and blessing you with it. 'Kung Dak Mou Liong'(innumerable good deeds), the powerful and meaningful of Chinese philosophy in life just like the Venerable Master Cheng Yen whom I adored and respected so much. I get to know about her 6 years ago when I travelled to Hualien, Taiwan part of my Whole Taiwan Island trip, the land where many unforeseen, unfortunate disasters have hit the land with flood and 'gempa bumi', many roads we passed through were uneven, unstable with many damaged and crooked roads caused by the many landslides that need time to repair and rebuild the whole place all over again.

After getting to know her ultimate noble cause, I came back to Malaysia and google about her and from then on, I followed her page and learning so much good insights from her. I'm still a human, a businesswoman who's still busy managing my business in my own Jacinta's ways, so I tend to have normal emotion, sentimental feelings like others and I tend to make mistakes also all along the way of my everyday life. That's why it's so important that I managed to control my greed, anger, ignorance and arrogance to keep cool and calm when things don't go my way, exactly as it is as in this world, there are many irresponsible and selfish people around. In fact, almost all the time when my family and friends shared with me their daily disappointments and frustrations, I tried to clear their cloudy judgement to accept that this is the reality of the world today and helping them to stay strong to strive+thrive for a contented life instead.

Just like last Sunday, I was supposed to travel to Johor Bahru for a spa+shopping spree during the long holiday but Rambo told me Sis Toto have invited us for a weekend dinner at the famous 'Lam Mee' with many delicious dishes at her million dollar shop office so I quickly cancelled the trip for that. Lucky I stopped by Tzu Chi Buddhist Jing-Si Hall for the instant wake-up call of my life that day, although I only spent 30 minutes there reading good thoughts about Tzu Chi's story. All at once, my stress, anger and greed have melt away swiftly just like the icy snow under the sunshine's power after that. I felt so peaceful and blissful when I was there, from the moment I entered Tzu Chi Temple seeing the Indian security guy guarding the temple clasping his both hands wishing us 'Amituofo' humbly to us, naturally I felt so humble about it and I actually clasped both of my hands wishing him 'Amituofo' also. Haha...I told Sis Toto about it, we both laugh out loud feeling really great about this cute experience that we came across with. 

And after taking many pictures here and there around the grand building, there's this sweet lady sitting at the entrance with her friend who's kind enough to pass me the shoes bag to keep my shoes inside before entering the temple. She also told me there's a cafe there where I have visited before in my 1st trip there, but I thanked her anyway and bid goodbye to her when I leave the temple. Like I told Rambo before, this Tzu Chi Temple is like a heaven temple to me where my dream has come true as the last time I was in Hualien land, I saw this grand huge hospital built by the Tzu Chi-Venerable Master Cheng Yen with her noble cause, I told Rambo how I wish, hope Malaysia will have one huge Tzu Chi Temple like this too so we can helped our local Malaysians also, following what they did for their Taiwan people. Tq Amituofo! :)  

That day when Rambo's best buddy PA updated us he went with the Tzu Chi Buddhist Society who managed to spiral more than 1000 volunteers, mostly the malay locals to help them to repair the city where the flood has badly hits Malaysia at the eastern side, we gave him all the support to go all out for it. We banked-in the money they needed to help the local Malaysians, donated the basic necessities and uplifting him with words of encouragement like Bravo, Ganbatte etc. He's like representing all of us in our Best Buddies Group friendship, and we're all helping what we can as to motivate each other in cultivating good deeds for our society in Malaysia. This is the loving and caring spirit we need to build a better place for all Malaysians, 'tidak mengira bangsa dan agama' as we're all born as Malaysians. In my diary of life, there's no need to categorise us as the Chinese, Malay or Indian as I used to mixed with the malays when I grew up I knew them quite well.

They're actually nice, kind and humble people, it's only 'segelintir'(a few) of 'Bo Tak Chek'(no study in school) people who liked to 'Gau Si Guan'(play a fool) trying to manipulate us but we're smart enough to know that the reality doesn't works that way. So back to my original story earlier, we felt great after supporting each other to help the needy ones, I felt a sense of success accomplishment that we have did our very best to help when we can and we hope to render our continuous contributions to Tzu Chi Association as I have seen it with my own eyes what they have did for the society for my country and I have heard from the locals themselves what Tzu Chi have did for them including the Chinese, Malays and Indians. Plus my good buddy PA will surely update Tzu Chi's activities all the time with us that gave me much more good faith in trusting to contribute more for them so they can do a good job for the society. 

I feel deeply humbled, having so much pride in Tzu Chi Buddhist Society great cause and I have never thought that Malaysia can have such a great, grand noble cause today like Taiwan so quickly. I told Sis Toto and Rambo during the dinner that I felt much more relaxed and calmer after visiting Tzu Chi Temple that I wished to visit again more often although I have missed the luxury shopping spree in JPO it's totally fine with me. And I felt deeply joyful for Kim, my Buddhist friend who said no matter how busy she can be, she's still stalking my blog and loving my 'Affection Perfection Blog' in the 'tersurat dan tersirat' meaning inside where she's able to adapt to it. She also told me she got inspired with my blog that she has started her own business liao and is thankful to me. Haha...I uplifted her with my signature slogan "All the best!" and hoping she will achieve success soon one day. That's life, C'est la vie! 

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