Thursday, February 12, 2015

Living The Present Moment

Jamie, my Fire Dragon bestie wazzapp me this February saying that she missed me, thinking about me again while driving to work and I replied her "I miss you too and thought of you today". Haha...we seemed to act like lovers who are so passionately in love like that. Both of us are busy with our own daily schedules but still missing each other heartily. I've just received the Tea Polyphenol that she bought from ZhangJiaJie, China to help rejuvenate my overall health wellbeing as she wanted to share good things with me. Rambo felt so happy for us saying that we had such a great relationship as bestie together who stayed far away from each other yet we managed to cherish and treasure our special bonding real profoundly together.   

Just like Catherine who always invited me to Ipoh and promised to bring me around Ipoh for 'good food great times' together, we just can't stop once we start to talk about our lives during our yummy lunch. She brought me to the fine dining, I get to try the Pomelo Prawn Salad that's so yummylicious I kept showering it with many compliments, Rambo promised to bring me there again for that. When I left and thanked Catherine for the good lunch with her, she asked me to come again soon. Haha...I bought her a lovely scarf for 2014 X'mas present, she's feeling so happy about it she thanked me so many times that I replied her "Welcome, don't mention it" and asked me to tie the scarf nicely for her immediately. Haha...that's what happiness is all about!

That's life, we really make the great effort to spend time together no matter how busy we are. Rambo told me he will get me 4 dogs 'Yeong Fan Gau' to guard the Bungalow near Taman Yarl OUG if we ever plan to buy it there last Tuesday when we passed by the secluded auspicious Feng Shui Dei, the land I've always love to stay around. Haha...I laugh out loud and explained to him why we need to stay such a big place now when we're living a great simple life, peaceful and blissful life together. It's such a burden to me I told him if we need to take care of 4 big dogs just to keep us safe living in a big place there. Quite dangerous and troublesome, and he finally came to his wisdom senses that it's hectic and stressful to live a rich man's life like this.

I shared with him an article that listed 10 things money cannot buy, the No.1 is 'Love' of course. One of the most precious things money really can't buy as love needs a lot of dedication, devotion, honesty, sincerity and tender loving care cultivated over the years to live happily ever after. He agreed with me totally after I reasoned with him clearly that most important is we're capable to live healthily everyday, we can eat good food whenever we wanted to, we can travel everywhere we plan to and we get to experience happy go lucky life as entrepreneurs who don't have to wear any mask to please anyone in life. We only need to please ourselves, cultivating spiritual development with sincerity and helping the needy ones when we can. 

Life is not about running a marathon you must win a trophy to ascertain your capabilities to be successful in life. You can still get a medal at the end of the day after completing the run, that means you can still achieve your goals by completing your own mission and vision in life taking your own sweet time. Sis Toto has reminded me again Cho 1 of Chinese New Year, we're going to have Vegan Dinner together at Kepong and I replied her, "Yea dear sis, you've booked me since December 3 months ahead liao." And she also booked me to join her gathering with Grace on Cho 4 so the 3 couples can stay reunited again on CNY for more chats, joys and laughters together. She told me she's gonna be there early morning but I told them to go ahead 1st as I can only meet them in the afternoon and as long we still meet each other there that's what really matters. 

Recently, I also shared with Rambo many stories about my fate and destiny in life where many of my FB friends who have just added me I had no idea who they are until we met again, they called me and told me about it. I explained to them I didn't confirm them as friends yet as I'm quite strict nowadays I only wanted to be friends with good people to electrify positive vibes together and they understand it. I've learned a good lesson from the past, I don't like to surround myself with losers as I don't have time for them or layan their 'telenovela' and I only have valuable time to create more success with the good ones. Life is too short for that, live life to the fullest and my ultimate goal is to make a significant difference in life for myself to be able to love my circle of family+friends for sure. Happy CNY, may we be blessed with prosperity and opportunities in life!

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