Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2015

'Hung Bao' symbolize prosperity, good luck and good wishes. Be sure to receive it using both of your hands showing your utmost sincerity of 'Gan En, Gan Xie' to the person who handed it to you. It's a privilege to be able to give and it's a good omen to receive it from others so it will continue to bring more good blessings for both parties. Remember to stay happy, smile more wearing Red Red to attract more Ong Lai(good luck) to your pretty personality! (My FB status)

Doesn't really matter if you're married or singles, young or old ones, we're all happy to receive and give each other the auspicious red packets as to show how happy and prosperous we are. It's not a sign of showing off to others that we can give big or small angpows at the end of the day, but we only wana stay 'Kuai Kuai Le Le' (happy and merry) on great Chinese New Year days as a sign of appreciation to each other. Even my mom would give us red packets every year for good luck+good blessings in life, even after we got married.

Just like I gave my sister Defney a red packet as a sign of sharing my good luck with her so in future she can have a bit of my good luck in life as well after I've managed to strike a mini Jackpot that weekend before the CNY, she got so happy about it much more than the kids. Thank you Amituofo, Guan Yin and God for loving me so much, still giving me some little treats like sweets to make me happy this CNY 2015. Actually, I'm already very happy having good health where I still can laugh out loud hysterically till my stomach got 'Perut Kecut'.

From Lin 30 Man(CNY's eve), I laugh out loud till I got so full with good food that's yummy and healthy, plus all my family members made me laugh out loud hearing their recent life stories. Bro Chai even asked me what do you mean by 'Assam Garam Kehidupan' in my Facebook albums which I have explained to him the meaning of 'Assam till Garam' means, then only the meaning of the whole sentence. After he understood the whole meaning of it, he then said he only sees happiness and greatness in my life. Haha...while playing cards also we can still talk like there's no tomorrow as we really take the initiative to catch up this CNY holiday.   

And I told him, "That's not true. Today you don't have to work but Rambo needs to go to work and I patiently backed him up as to Ganbatte today for tomorrow's better future. It's fine to work harder a bit today since we're still young in our 30's+40's and still strong to move around." After hearing my explanation then he totally agreed with me that life is full of 'Tim, Shuen, Fu, Lat'(Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spicy) kinda experiences to keep us stronger and wiser with our lives. And he's glad that I really support Rambo lovingly for many years liao.

During the dinner also, our conversation has led into talking about going travel together. I told Da Jie, Bro Chai and Gugu I give them 2 years to save money to travel to Switzerland with us. Bro Hong asked Bro Chai and Gugu they really went Dutch way paying 'AA Jai' when both of them asked me how much should they save for our trip there for each person? I told them minimum RM10,000 each for a luxury trip of our own, live life to the fullest. Both Bro Chai and Gugu have just got married last year in Oct 2014 and I advised them not to be calculative in life as they need to learn to live with one another for many years to come.

I shared with them again and again my old, true love stories that the last time I earned higher income than Rambo also, I paid everything for our trip and bringing him to enjoy life with me only. And now, what he earns and profits from every business that we ventured into also all are given 100% and belongs to me. He cannot simply use any of the money, he needs a green light approval from me and a double or triple confirmation from this CFO before he can do anything about our future. Both of them agreed with me, Da Jie too. That's life, life is all about learning from each other and stay humble to keep the good fortune rolling in abundantly.

Back to the 'Hung Bao' story again, Sis Toto my best ally is always the 'Hoi Sem Guo'(happy go lucky) and a kind lady she is. She's the kinda person who have RM10,000 in her pocket, she'll give out RM9000 out to share with others and only keep RM1000 to keep herself happy. She even gave an angpow to Bro Hong whom she always complained about his wrong attitude but this year, he's kinda mellow down a bit keeping his mouth shut humbly and he was surprised he got one from her too this year he was so happy he told us about it. If not, both of them usually quarrel like dogs and cats. I'm glad both of them have changed for good. 

In fact all of them have changed for good including the young ones. Last year CNY 2014, I have sound out to all of them it's such a bad attitude when the old ones gave them Hung Bao, they played Ipad and received it 'selamba saja' with one hand. I told all of them "No manners." This year the old ones stretched out asking them to queue up, using both hands and wishing the elders good blessings before receiving red packets from them. They did it great this year esp. the young ones are my Facebook friends now, they really listened and learned nowadays after I've shared it on FB status about 'Hung Bao'. More stories on CNY 2015, stay tuned! 

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