Friday, February 27, 2015

Letting Go Of Attachments, Ego And Judgement

In Buddhism teachings, Buddhism Sutra has taught us to live a simple life with basic necessities in life like living harmoniously in a home sweet home with our loved ones, eating healthy food without harming or killing the animals if it can be done with sincere heart and wearing comfortable clothings to keep you cool or warm enough during the cold winter season. Both Jamie and I are Buddhist believers who wanted a twosome family only and only both of us would understand the meaning of 'Lun Hui'(a repeat cycle of the next generation) for our lives. That's why we clicked in so many ways, besides having many 'Xin Ling Xiang Tung' thoughts all the time and we also practise 'Chui Yuen'(nature take its course) in taking more vegetables, less meat if possible. 

Both of us the Fire Dragons still love enjoying good food, and if we did we need to chant some Buddhist prayers to purify the sins 1st before consuming any of it. Till today, Sis Toto still laugh at us when she sees Rambo is chanting the prayer for me when she brought me to all the good food galore from all around Malaysia. She knew I'm a Wai Sik Queen who loves to eat, she always arranged special tour to bring me try on the good food around and asked me delicious or not. They know who I am, I'm a direct and straight-forward Western-styled lady who doesn't like to sugar-coat my words, so if it's nice I said nice, bo nice I told them the truth also. And those really delicious one, I usually wana go again they'll bring me there again for sure.

But I always told them, my opinions, judgements, likes and dislikes are meant to guide myself in life and suitable for my own living with Rambo only. If it doesn't fits them, by all means follow your own rules in life as I mean to live simply and happily ever after in life only. Just like the last Qing Ming festival, after the prayer we went for a Vegan Dinner and Sis Hoon has praised Gugu for being such a darling angel who cooked vegan meals for their parents, much better than the daughter-inlaws. Then the rest like Rambo and Sis Toto added did Sis Hoon means the rest like Da Sau, me, ex-wife PL are not good daughter-inlaws and asked me did I get offended or not. Haha...I quickly answered them not at all as to me, my mind is pure enough and open-minded to accept life is actually very simple, don't make it so complicated.

I never like to get myself engaged with dramatic people or having disputes with anyone. 1st of all, Sis Hoon praised Gugu as she likes her, wish to welcome her in joining our Lim Family and she really did a good job by waking up so early to cook for Bro Chai's parents even she's not married to him yet last April. Her kind gestures to our Lim Family should be praised "Yau Jan Mou Tan'(full of compliments, no complaints at all) and I totally agreed with it. While the rest like Da Sau and me, we shouldn't behaving so 'Siu Hei'(sensitive) because I lived by my own rules of 'Men Sem Mou Kuai'(Ask my heart, it's guilt-free) philosophy in life is good enough, while Da Sau came every year to pray to them without failed that's considered an excellent attitude liao. That's why both Da Sau and I can live happily ever after as we're both having the 'tidak apa' kinda attitude in life. 

We didn't take other people's opinions or judgement much into consideration as we lived by our own rules in life. We speak good words when we meet each other, we greeted the elderly when we meet them and we laughed out loud alot naturally. No matter what you do, say and plan things in life, people would tend to create rumours with their chicken back side mouth who need to hurt and harm the others to make them look better or superior than you, then by all means let them be. Those people who did that are usually losers who will not succeed in any ways and will not be happy in their lives either, sooner or later only. Karma will take its place, you need not do anything about it as you only need to 'Zhuo Hao Ni Zhi Zi'(did your very best).  

At the same time, this is the time you need to learn how to control your emotions by staying cool and calm about it. Just like CNY Cho1, Sis Toto has sadly shared with us how frustrated she was before the CNY during one dinner having Bro Cheong scolded her left and right about leaving his umbrella at the restaurant. She managed to take it back for him, but she got so mad at him she stopped talking to him for many days because she told all of us gloomily that night she got very disheartened by his temperamental behaviour. Like she said, "Because of an umbrella that cost him RM20 where I can replace it back anytime for him, but he can throw such a bad tantrum at me like this. Who am I then, I'm his wife you know."

I totally understand how she felt and I went to console her, hugging her like usual as I loved her and always supporting her in all my life. And infront of everyone, I told Bro Cheong he's at fault, being wrong in this case and he needs to 'sayang' her back by tonight. I told him he must have crushed her heart into broken pieces 'Po Sui' where Sis Toto replied me totally yes to that. He really needs to change his attitude and learn how to control his temper from now on. Sis Hoon also added "Yea, umbrella is only a material thing that can be bought anywhere but if you falls sick, who's going to take care of you for the rest of your life? Da Jie also added he needs to learn how to love her more as she's his only beloved wife in this world. Bro Cheong finally replied he got the message loud and clear, he will repent and change his attitude besides sayang(love) her back by tonight. We all smiled and laughed when he promised to undo his past, bad action as all of us the sisters are very united now.

We don't allow the men to take advantage of us anymore as we believed we can lived without them if they're not good enough for us. We, the women only wish to marry a good man alive who can provide a stable and happy life for us till the rest of our lives, we never act greedy by asking too much in life. We only need you to stay strong, be the good man to lead us through living a meaningful life only. Sometimes I have friends who asked me to introduce good men alive to them, I told Rambo I wanted to intro them with good bachelors around but then Rambo forbids me to do that because we cannot guarantee the men are good enough to take good care of the women as if it ends well, they may thanked you but if it's not, then they will blamed you for the rest of your life even if it's not your fault at all. I took his advise by forgetting about my intention of doing good that may not brings good result of it, because it's true. That's life!

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