Thursday, February 26, 2015

Turn On Your Skin’s Anti-Oxidant Switch And Defy Gravity With Cellgenie By COSME DECORTE

In her 20s, a woman is ready to embrace her life to the fullest. This is the time when she experiences new things, develops her career and discovers her true self. But did you know that it’s also in your 20s that your skin starts to oxidize?

Just like how a freshly-cut apple turns brown when left in the open, our skin also experiences oxidation. In layman’s terms, ‘oxidation’ means ‘becoming rusted as substances react with oxygen’. From a beauty perspective, active oxygen attacks our skin and body cells (like lipid, protein and DNA), thereby damaging the cellular membrane. Eventually, this will lead to dark spots, wrinkles, sagging and dullness.

Although fine lines, age spots and sagging only show on the skin in your 30s, the actual damage of your skin cells’ structure begins as early as in the 20s. Why should you wait until your skin shows signs of ageing to take action? The best way to slow down and reverse signs of ageing lies in a solid prevention regime.

Backed by 25 years of anti-oxidation research, Cellgenie is an early anti-ageing skincare range to prevent skin concerns like oxidation and sagging. When our cells are exposed to active oxygen, the tension factor or elasticity inside our fibroblast cells (Vinculin) weakens. Fibroblasts are cells that produce collagen, elastin and the matrix to control the firmness and elasticity of the face. However, it is Vinculin or the tension factor that plays the most important role in grasping and tightening up the collagen in our skin. Due to cell damage caused by oxidation, it weakens and fails to work properly, causing the skin to sag.

This does not mean that all hope is gone, as it is possible to turn on the skin’s anti-oxidant switch, which helps to improve the role of Vinculin’s tensile factor, so that skin regains its lifted, supple and resilient condition.

During the launch, Managing Director of KOSE Malaysia Mr. Masaaki Hara mentioned, “In our 20s, we tend to take our skin for granted. This is indeed the time when our skin is in its best condition, but as research has proven that cell damage begins much earlier than we think, Cellgenie is the perfect starting point for new COSME DECORTE users who want a luxurious skincare experience as well as superior benefits. With Cellgenie, you can prolong a youthful complexion and at the same time, address skin ageing, even before it shows on your skin.”

Cellgenie features a new powerful and precious ingredient known as Andrographis Paniculata Extract,which took 10 years to develop. It enhances the self-defense capability of fibroblast cells so that they become less prone to damage. At the same time, it acts to turn on our skin’s anti-oxidant switch, thus preventing the decline of Vinculin or the tensile factor in our skin cells. It is Vinculin that keeps our cells intact and maintains the skin’s firmness and elasticity.  As a result, Vinculin continues to maintain its tightening abilities to resolve signs of early ageing, allowing our skin to look younger, firmer and supple for a longer period of time.

COSME DECORTE Cellgenie comprises a complete range of products for a thoroughly sublime skincare experience: Cleansing Cream, Facial Wash, Emulsion, Lotion, Cream VT, Cream LF and Lipid Oil Mask. Used together, the skincare products work in perfect harmony to enhance the skin’s ageing prevention power, resist early skin ageing, restore resilience, firmness and luminosity, minimise open pores, as well as prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Carmen Wong, COSME DECORTE Malaysia Beauty Trainer, recommends the following tip to boost the effects of Cellgenie: “We developed an innovative skincare method that involves the application of emulsion with a cotton pad onto a cleansed face as the first step of a skincare regime. The emulsion helps to soften and prep the skin for better absorption of subsequent Cellgenie products.”

Specially-formulated for women in their 20s, the texture of Cellgenie products is light yet incredibly nourishing, immediately absorbing deep into skin without leaving behind any traces of stickiness or heaviness. Cellgenie by COSME DECORTE is available exclusively at ISETAN KLCC and ISETAN The Gardens.

Founded in 1970 by Japanese cosmetic and skincare leader KOSE, COSME DECORTE is a premium cosmetics line that incorporates the latest dermatological advancements with innovative technologies. Its name is a combination of two French words: ‘cosmetique’ and ‘décoration’, aptly summarising its aim of providing the highest-quality cosmetics and first-rate hospitality to women around the world who seek refined elegance.

It can be said that COSME DECORTE is always ahead of its time, even during the 1970s, with its premium positioning that sets the brand apart from all other cosmetic brands. In 1992, COSME DECORTE Moisture Liposome became the world’s first cosmetic product to incorporate the use of multi-layered liposomes, a highly-advanced delivery technology. Since then, more than 3 million bottles have been sold.

COSME DECORTE is also known for its collaboration with world-renowned designer Marcel Wanders, who helms the brand as art director. His work can be seen in the AQ MW skincare collection, as well as in the designs that adorn collector-favourite limited edition pieces.

COSME DECORTE will continue to evolve with today’s women in its never-ending quest for timeless elegance and beauty. For more information, you can check out

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