Thursday, May 5, 2016

Boryeong Mud New Arrival Hand Cream Launch

Boryeong Mud, specialized beauty care line of natural, premium sea mud cosmetics originally from Boryeong City introduced its new range of mud products which included Real Mud Body SPA and Real Mud Hand Cream. The minerals and microelements contained in mud not only provides nutrients to the skin, but it also strengthens the skin cells and more repairing. 

The main functions of these products are absorption and rebalancing of sebum while improving the skin quality through the eruption of minerals. Meanwhile, the natural ingredients of bentonite and germanium which contained in sea mud, will reduce inflammatory skin and healthy glowing skin.

Boryeong Mud products uses fine sea mud and all Boryeong cosmetics strictly managed by organization of Republic of Korea to ensure its reliability and valuable with best ingredients. After they removed Carol's one-sided trial mud mask, she looked amazingly radiant with healthy, youthful-looking skin ever. Totally worth it to be the Boryeong Mud model of the day then.

Boryeong Mud new Real Mud Hand Cream offers those with extra-sensitive skin a NEW solution to gently relieve itchiness and calm their reactive skin quickly and efficiently. The specialized Hand Cream will speed up healing metabolism, relieves dry, creaked, frostbitten hands. The Real Mud Hand Cream contains sea mud powder with high contains of mineral to alleviate skin’s discomfort.

Boryeong Real Mud Hand Cream formulated with Mango, Shea butter, Macadamia Seed Oil, Rosemary, Chamomile to rejuvenate, soothe, anti-oxidant and moisturizes hands from the harsh, drying and aging effect of the environmental.  Additional ingredients included peppermint, Bergamot and Freesia which relief and comfort for dry and sensitive hands, a perfect choice for hands that struggle during all day.

Directions To Use: 
Apply after hand wash. Remove the cap from the applicator. Gently depress from the tube to small amount and gently massage into targeted areas where wrinkles or expression lines are present. Highly recommend for sensitive skin as well. 

At 1st I was not keen to try out this Mud Mask that looked creamy thick of mud, but then after trying out the pampering hand massage with invigorating scent of natural mud goodness, I feel so pampered and all at once feeling rejuvenated at this Boryeoung Mud Salon at Level 3 of Nu Sentral Mall, KL here. 

This superb Real Mud Hand Cream 100ml is retailed at RM89, totally worthy of its price and it's now my favourite hand cream of all that had just added into 'My 2016 Lovely Beauty Collection' that's for sure. I'm gonna bring it everywhere I go from now on, especially for my travel to overseas and business trip.

I'm using it day and night now just to enjoy the rejuvenating scent and to pamper my forever dry hands to soft, smooth and youthful hands without failed. Try it when you drop by to Boryeoung Mud Shop at Nu Sentral Mall, you'll love it too!

Boryeong Mud is also offering the whole body treatment to achieve radiant and smooth body skin ever that cost RM168. To find out more about Boryeong Mud, check out 

Established in 2014, Boryeong Mud (M) Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor company to Boryeong Mud Korea that aim to carve a name in the beauty business through speciality. Boryeong Mud is now available at Quill City Mall and Nu Sentral KL. Boryeong Mud in Korea is one of the most talked about brands in town which consists mid-end price range products and with more than 10000 SKUs to keep the competitiveness in the market.  

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