Monday, June 13, 2016

Barbie World, A Real Fantasy World

~I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World. Life is plastic, it's fantastic~ This is the Barbie signature song, used to be a hit back then but nobody is really singing this song now anymore. Haha...Just like nowadays many loved hearing Adele's latest song Hello, to me I think it's almost the same 'Fong Kak', same old tune like her many old songs. Not much changes or creativity like before, I still prefer her old songs like 'Someone like you', superb!

But then nowadays where got people really 'Cham Mai' into writing songs like before in the 70's, 80's as people are now stressing themselves too much into social media sharing, playing games and getting likes for their pictures until sot crazy liao. And if they buy likes/votes, the rest gone crazily mad over this matter like it's such a big crime like that and making yourself unhappy about it, worth it or not affecting your mental health for this?

Anyone got famous over the years or instantly, they started to feel uneasy about it, threaten by it and started to create rumours about them. Sigh, sometimes be it the celebrities or bloggers also they shared with me that many people who got jealous with their popularity started to comment rudely and badly about them, I told them to ignore them, let karma take its place and mind our own business.

At the very 1st day, when you started blogging or asking for likes and followers, you should know that the competition is bound to be there. You may not wana compete with anyone, but the others are and they sure wanted to be better than you. They may not like and support you for anything, but they stalked you all the time and steal your tips or ideas most of the time.

It's very common and people would know who they are. They see others got many likes of a certain posting, then they posted one for their own and gained popularity out from there. But people would know who you really are and you're only inviting for more troubles and hatred only. Anyhow, I always told them no matter what you do, others have got something bad to say about you. Some bloggers said numbers sell, some said no, PR said not really but I would say, life is ironic. 

Everyone have their own market, be it you, me, entrepreneurs, mommy bloggers, socialites, celebrities or models are all asking for many likes and followers because they needed numbers to get invited for high society events or product reviews etc. All of them have certain roles and responsibilities to get the numbers for certain reasons to be famous. To me, I never really keep track of my social media sharing until my dear Charmer Lynette tagged me on Instagram only I realised about it or company that tweet to me personally.

Recently also I told a few PR when they called me personally to attend those events, I did mentioned to them that they cannot blame those bloggers who cannot make it as they didn't have car or transportation to go, gotta pay toll and parking fees, need to spend time to blog finding nice pictures and cannot really blame them asking for payment as they needed the money real badly. If they can afford to pay, then pay a little so everyone will be happy.

I totally understand their feelings about it as nowadays, saving a little everyday makes a big difference for everyone. Just like the last Kipling event, Bridges PR paid the RM6 valet parking for us that morning really brighten up my day liao as I can use RM6 for a KFC snack meal to fulfil my food indulgence. Then, I saved another RM10 from Hotel Maya to indulge in Evian French Spring water for good health hydration.

Little things like this helped a long way to go, in time to come. If you pay also, people will take the time and effort to write nicely for you. Haha...'Ho Lok Yi Pat Wai, win-win situation for all parties. Sometimes I know they get paid quite a lot for a project, they only pay a little to bloggers and writers so it's really no big deal. They even 'Chau' a certain percentage of commission from the bloggers, some even up to 25-30% quite a sum there and if many of them, 'Yau Shou Gai'(substantial amount) one. 

Some PR even more funny and sot crazy, they didn't pay never mind. They approached you very sincerely, then they said they only loan it to you the pot for the cooking blog. Hello, I have so many this brand of pots, electrical goods and get so many foc free products like this which I declined and need to consider to take it or not, why would I loan yours and waste my time? I got nothing better things to do is it? Really beh tahan me, like testing my patience pot that will explode to their face immediately. 

Rambo tried so hard to soothe my feelings back to normal everytime I share all this nonsense with him and that's why he didn't encouraged me to go for all this blogging events one. Not worth my time he always said and I was glad I need not blog for money as I will definitely 'Ngau Din' vomit electricity, not only 'Ngau Huet' vomit blood as it's too strong and fiery liao, it's powerful enough to produce electric energy, haha!

Lucky many those that I have 'Gau Chai' my projects I accepted to do didn't complain or asking me to add this and that infos, usually they're satisfied and thanked me sincerely one. Back to my original story of this blog, the recent visit to the Barbie World has reminded me so much of my Barbie Spa holiday in Shanghai at wished they can reopen this woman wonderland again.

Rambo asked me to bring in this Barbie Spa concept to Malaysia and this is not the 1st time he had proposed this business idea to me again and again but honestly, I told him if China have dumped so much money investing in it also cannot 'Sau' in keeping this business going on for years successfully, Malaysia lagi tak boleh. Shanghai itself have 25 million population in all round the area with so many rich and wealthy ones where they invited many VVIP like Jet Li for Barbie Spa Grand Opening, but still need to close down after 2 years trial.

China is the warrior dragon of the world now in terms of tourism or economy, like Po in Kungfu Panda. If China failed to sustain this Barbie Spa for long, I doubt other countries can do better than them. I still remember my most memorable visit there at Barbie Spa, the whole 8 level building is lit up in Pink with pink escalator too, 2 Chinese welcoming us 'Huan Yin Guang Ling' courteously and I had a blast of good times there. I only hope the God can hear me out and reopen this Barbie Spa so that I can enjoy more lovely Barbie pampering again. This time, I'm gonna stay there from am to pm, dining at Barbie Cafe and shop till I drop for sure, haha!

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