Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BONIA Spring Summer 2016 - La Vida BONIA

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” quoted Pablo Picasso, the well-known Spanish artist and fashion is just another way of showcasing one’s personality. As much as art inspired fashion, the new of seeing pioneered by Picasso changed the art world forever and inspired the fashion community at all times.

On Spring/Summer 2016, BONIA’singenious designer, Pepe Torres decided to create the sequel of the fun of art from previous season and invites you to the flashback of the most influential artist- Pablo Picasso.

From joyful Rose and gloomy Blue periods to the innovative Cubism, and from the Surrealism depicted the tragedy of wars to the simple life of War and Peace; Pepe Torres portraits the moments of Picasso’s life and his artistic vision into BONIA’s edgy designs, bringing a chic contemporary twist onto its modernistic elegance.

Established since 1974, BONIA, the international luxury brand and leather specialist, has created a trademark legend in the fashion industry, achieving numerous milestones among the many accolades it receives. 

BONIA, the Italian inspiration has been building its identity consistently and constantly as well as earned its prestige by highlighting the three principals of its brand at all time that’s Modern, Elegant and Contemporary. While waiting for the much-awaited event to jump start that rainy afternoon, both JQ and I started unboxing the gift box and feeling ecstatically joyful for the new Bonia Eyewear. We put it on, make new video plus taking selfies together as we used to do many selfies during the few years of our happy blogging moments. 

Being a specialist of leather, BONIA offers wide range of leather goods including leather handbags, footwear and accessories for both ladies and gentlemen as well as other non-leather fashion item such as men’s apparels. As an international luxury brand, BONIA landed its boutiques all around the world in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China(Shanghai), Brunei, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. We were invited to Bonia Showroom which obviously full of Bonia's sophisticated, creative and lovely handbags. I wish I could bring all of it back home, haha!

Leather is the hallmark of BONIA, the international luxury brand. Being the leather specialist and one of the leaders in fashion society, BONIA keeps its pace up with the swiftness of fashion trends. Indulges its creativity into the fashion designs and craftsmanship of leather, BONIA infuses modernism and sense of youth into its timeless elegance and glamour creations, offering the leather lovers its voguish and contemporary designs.

After snapping many stunning pictures of their alluring designs and been briefed much about their Bonia brand, I ordered the Rose Latte that's new from the coffee menu to break free from the 'love handbags temptation' for awhile. Haha...Too many Bonia designs already that are playing on my mind, still reminiscing and lingering crazily about it till today.

As much as BONIA appreciates the classic elegance fashion and the neoteric ideas of its trend, BONIA aims to bring its customers the desire to experience a modern and glamourous lifestyle through its au courant creations. Totally falling in love with Bonia's S/S Collection of 2016 and I'm definitely aiming for more of it to add into my bags collection for sure.

BONIA brought its brand to another pinnacle of success by advancing its shopping experience to online shop. Featuring a variety of men’s and ladies’ fashion items, Shop Online at www.bonia.com presents a brand new pleasure of shopping spree to the its customers. Ooh La La, the colours, the designs and the quality make me yearning to own not just one but many of it to add into my handbags collection. In fact, I got myself a lovely Pink Bag this time and will be adding more of Bonia's collection into my bags wardrobe real soon.

With its irresistible pre-orders and exclusive items, series of exciting events and promotions, shopping online http://www.bonia.com/ attracts groups of fashionistas and offers the truly fashion forward to the fashion lover. There are many charming and quality bags for men as well, Rambo think it's cool too but he prefers me to choose one Bonia Bag as he knew me too well I'm a definite Bag Lover and forever a fan kinda Fashionista!

From modest beginnings in Singapore in 1974, Bonia Corporation Berhad has grown to be one of Asia’s leading fashion retailers- designing, producing and distributing luxury leather goods, accessories, eyewear and footwear made with European styling, quality and craftsmanship. With a network of over 1100 sales outlets and 140 standalone boutiques throughout the world including countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China (Shanghai), Brunei, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the Group continues to develop its global presence by forging strong networks with key partners around the world.

Nice picture courtesy from JQ Lee.

In addition to its flagship fashion label, BONIA, the Group is also behind successful brands such as Sembonia and Carlo Rino. Besides co-owned the brand Braun Buffel, it also holds the license to distribute international labels such as Valentino Rudy, The Savile Row Company, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, Renoma Paris and Pierre Cardin. 

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