Sunday, June 5, 2016

June Fashion OOTD Updates

Last Wednesday, I was supposed to attend an event but then ended up going shopping pulak. But then I
really need shopping therapy to keep me joyful and gleeful for the whole week long. I chance upon a nice
Floral Sling Handbag that they displayed on a sexy mannequin wearing Summer New Arrival Dress. I fell
in love with it at the very 1st sight instantly but I didn't buy it as it's too heavy for a fussy lady like me.

Then I saw this alluring Orange Handbag with the Gucci signature bamboo lock
that I fell in love with too and it's lighter of course. I finally chose this handbag.
I find that the Summer New Arrivals are full with Orange colour everywhere, not
just here at Bebe but at Robinsons, Debenhams, boutiques displaying new arrivals.

I told Rambo about it and he said to me Orange is a very nice colour, trendy and chic too. Haha...Until
today, I drive anywhere also I tend to meet strangers who told me, "Wah, very striking your car. Nice!" I
really had no idea why people love Orange colour so much, be it in Malaysia and Europe, I see Orange
Shirt, Orange Scarf which I managed to grab from Holland during my shopping at Volendam. And now,
I had joined the Bebe VIP member liao but Rambo consoled me it's fine, as long I'm happy & healthy is
good enough. Money earned is to be spend, if we're happy naturally we'll be healthy and I agreed indeed!  

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