Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Bumper 2016

This is one of the latest Buddhism jokes that's so funny and humorous I came across from Facebook, I need
to share it out with all. Just like one of the Buddhism quote mentioned, 'Sik Zik Si Hung, Hung Zik Si Sik'. 
Too deep meaning liao for Buddhist practitioners, only ngam for those who master Buddhism study
will understand what it really means.Rambo shared with me one real story about a Buddhist friend who
had 'Zau Fo Yap Mo' liao after devoted himself fully into learning Buddhism. He even flew over to Taiwan
'Fo Guang Shan Uni' but he came back disappointed with their teachings and converting himself to Islam. 
At the end of the day, it's not the wrong Buddhist Teachings that got him frustrated. It's the wrong Buddhist
society that he went 'Mai Sat' and got himself 'tersesat di persimpangan dilemma.' I don't blame him for feeling
disappointed & sad. When his sister Chong asked my opinion about his brother converting to Islam, I replied
her that it's his choice and I have no comment about it as long he's happy about it. I totally understand his
feelings about the whole scenario because I know some temples/society they always talked about money.     
They are not genuine into educating the public to cultivate good deeds together, but more into asking for
donations and paying a lot for the Buddhism study which is not supposed to happen. Buddhism books are
printed complimentary for everyone so that we can adapt, learn Buddhism FOC and freely as well. Tzu Chi
in Taiwan is genuine, not only they helped their own Taiwanese people from all the misfortune happenings,
they travelled to Indonesia helping the Muslim 'Go Lan Guan' overcoming natural disasters together without
asking any return like they must join the Buddhist Club, 'Baptism-Sai Lei' with Buddha's holy water forcefully.
Buddhism Teachings and Thoughts only taught us to do good deeds, stay away from evil and purify our
minds always. If you wana calculate too much or biased to one side of religion, in the event anyone of you
are admitted to hospital, do you have the rights to ask the hospital whose blood is this I'm using? Chinese,
Malay, Indian or Others? In the hospital, I saw all the races come together as one to help. I even heard my
uncles who praised highly of the Malay nurses who did a good job. That's what really matters, humanity!  
Recently also, my sis Toto and her gang of friends made some money in one of the in-trend investment money
game so they invited us for yummy dining & joining them to make more profits together. I went for the dinner
but after hearing the presentation, I rejected them nicely and I know Sis Toto meant well hoping all of us make a
lot of money together. Lucky I asked around my friends based in China, property tycoon and they advised me
not to join them. Yea, like Bro Cheong said I have the money of RM22, 500 for per lot , not much for me but it's
not the amount of money. I reasoned with Rambo to learn how to let go, never be greedy then we'll have peace of
mind already. That's why I can sleeps, eat & laugh well everyday as I believe I'm happy and I'm not greedy too. 
Greed is the culprit of all evil happenings among the devils. When you're not successful like the others, you
start to feel jealous & commit the 1st sin. Slowly, more sins, you didn't realised you have gone overboard 
and you had no good friends to tell you about it. Too late liao like I told Tom when we meet up for a good
chat. Sometimes, people didn't mean to 'Sai Meng' bragging their good life to you but it's your mind that
overthink, too selfish, self-absorbed and having mental illness. You cannot accept the truth of life that
people are better than you and you cannot stay happy for others, overshoot evil emotions & become a
demon. You need to chant, cultivate more good deeds to purify your sins 1st before you can achieve &
receive great fortunes like the others. Stay tuned for more updates, super duper busy me!

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