Thursday, June 2, 2016

YU Academie et Salon At Aki Hair Studio - Crystallize 3D Floral Gel Manicure Review

Happy Wesak Day 2016, I'm supposed to join Bro.Chai for Wesak celebration that afternoon to witness the Buddha's Relic but I had promised Masa San for this manicure session to take place 2 weeks before. 1st come 1 served basis since Bro Chai only informed us at the last minute and I've watched it before in Singapore during my travel years ago. 'Sem Zhung Yau Fatt Zau Hou', deep within us having Buddha in our hearts is good enough. I was glad I came for this lovely manicure session of my life at Level 6, The Verve, Mont Kiara.

Yuki greeted me at the front door with her big smile courteously just like the usual Japanese who always have great manners all the time and informing me she can only do manicure session for me today as the 3 of them are fully occupied with customers already. I totally understand that and I agreed to it. In fact, I prefer to do manicure session only and planning to do my eyelash extension treatment in my next appointment. Yuki is a fantastic and experienced manicurist who used to open a nail salon in Japan for many years already. 

I fell in love with her exceptional, excellent skills and I kept telling Rambo that she's one of the best manicurist I have visited so far esp.nowadays I prefer to visit nail salon for manicure pampering than doing it myself. She's very meticulous, attentive to my needs and a perfectionist just like me in perfecting my manicure finishing. She advised me to do nails extension but I didn't like fake nails and I prefer to have real nails to keep and managed so she asked for my permission to extend only one middle finger on my right hand.

At last, I agreed to it as she wanted to shape all my nails, balancing it all to real perfection. She really took the initiative to buff my nails smoothly for me, shaping it sharply and perfectly for me. Usually, I won't let anyone even other manicurist to shape my nails as I always have my own JC-Nail shape. This time I got 'Dai Hoi Ngan Gai', eye-opener filled with awe inspiration experience with Yuki who managed to capture my heart and soul for this perfect manicure pampering of my life. We chatted much about life and so happened she also knew my Japanese friends, such a small small world.

One of her client suddenly arrived, at 1st she can slot me in for the eyelash extension treatment later but then last minute she came also so I told her, "It's fine, go ahead." Miku took over from her hand to finish the manicure pampering for me. Ai Ling was nice to serve me a Herbal Fruit Tea to hydrate my body while waiting. Actually, I cannot sit still for so long one but seeing her 'Yung Sem Yung Lik' using all her energy and such great efforts to do this gel manicure for me, I gave in staying cool and calm for her. I really salute them for being so professional and patient in doing their job professionally. She uplifted my mood instantly and brighten up my days to 2 weeks liao having these wonderful nails to feel happy about, day and night.

Even Rambo loved it a lot and said that the Japanese are naturally living in this kinda 'real serious doing their job perfectly'. Miku draw the beautiful floral design on my petite nails carefully, then she generously added many diamond bling blings steadfastly and wonderfully for me. She even added pearl, smaller crystals and gold flakes to make it more lively and sensational for me. Everywhere I go, people asked and praised highly of this special manicure design by Miku and I. We both created it together, from the Pink and Rose Gold colour combination to many little details I have chosen to pair the whole perfect package together. Yuki saw this when she came out to follow-up and shouted excitedly, "So gorgeous" that made us both laughed out loud.

Thanks to Yuki and Miku for doing such a marvellous 'Crystallize Floral Gel Manicure' for me that not only won my heart fantastically but many others who asked which nail salon is this? Haha...I gave them the details and even my beautician mentioned that the captivating flowers looked like blooming and blossoming on my nails with its 3D design, protected prettily under the quality gel topcoat. Sitting for 2 hours having this enchanting manicure finishing is totally worthy of my precious time and I fully recommended everyone to give them a try. Call them at 016-2053149 to make an appointment 1st before you hop over their inviting and welcoming nail salon. You can also email them at for any further enquiries. 

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