Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Netherlands 2016 - North Holland Volendam

Actually I'm glad that they rushed us to Keukenhof early in the moning and having lunch at Volendam here.
All along the journey, the breathtaking views with country side watching the cows staying at the farm took
my breath away.Rambo even suggested we should come again and stay here at country side for long holiday.

Haha...I dare not promise him YES because this is not the kinda holiday I wanted, not really under my list
of holiday choice. I just told him how beautiful and wonderful it is, it's fine to stay here for a night or two
but not one week long as I will get very boring easily. Volendam is an old fishing village with busy harbour. 
Robin also asked if I have visit Volendam before, I replied him NO and I was so glad I came this time for a
stopover here at Volendam. I learned so much about Holland/Netherlands history story from this video &
inspired me to share about it. The reason why Holland is full of canals and looked like Venice, the water
world is Holland always flooded with water from sea, every year also the water level will rise up naturally. 

My mom asked me to get her a Windmill souvenir, it's lucky we stopped by here and got her this. Many cute
souvenirs can be grab here, you'll fall in love with every little things that are displayed here for yourself and
family. Not enough time for me to dine and wine here at this romantic place surrounded by the sea.

I was torn between going shopping or dining here as time is really limited for every tourist destination.
Anyhow, I was grateful to make a brief stop here also for shopping and taking my lunch here at the same
time. Price range is all the same, everywhere you go be it Amsterdam or Volendam, it's the same high price.
Nothing is cheap here in Europe, even Netherlands. The last time I came Euro was about 3.9 to 4 times only,
but this year I went was 4.5. 'Yau Shou Gai' one if you shop a lot and dine a lot. That's why not many of them
came here to shop, they only came for holidays and budget here there on food, shopping and optional tours.

As time goes by, I'm considered the matured ones who is here on lovely dovey holiday with my hubby Rambo.
Before I fly over here, he already advised me to buy whatever things I fall in love with and never regret in life.
But like I always said, I'm not a Desperado who needed any branded things to make me happy in life and I'm
actually feeling so blessed coming for this Europe Holiday 2016 for all the new wonders I've experienced here. 

I eat 5 meals a day except supper here as I tend to visit the 'Zau kung', sleep soundly by 11pm naturally.
In Malaysia, I tend to eat 6 meals a day with supper and I slept well like a baby for 8 hours deep sleep.
I woke up feeling fresh and lively to count my blessings that I'm healthy, happy & pretty motivated
to 'Ganbatte' looking for more money to enjoy life. Wealthy can comes in the form of having good health!  

Rambo really beh tahan me because in just a short time I'm here, I managed to grab a lovely Orange
Dutch-style Scarf that's quality, comfy and lovely as well. Left only one new one in plastic bag so I
quickly grabbed it and asked him to pay for it. They're many designer handbags and attractive things
like fashion clothings, accessories and souvenirs which are worth buying here but not cheap also.

After going rounds and rounds all along this busy street for good food, I finally chose the 'Fish & Chips'.
I chose the Euro5 with salad for take away as I don't wana be late and it's so delicious I finished it off and
hope to buy another one but it's too far away from our tour coach. No communication barrier here as they
can speak good English and provide good service as well. The Fish is big and fresh with salad and chips.

I took pictures all along the way from one corner to another corner real quickly and cannot help it but
munching on the hot Fish and Chips already as it's too yummylicious. One of the best Fish & Chips I ever
had in my 40 years of life, even Rambo enjoyed it a lot and wanted to buy more seafood platters to try.

This Cheese Factory Volendam have visit schedule for trying out their signature Dutch Cheese so no chance
to try and buy any of it. But we were lucky to visit other Cheese Factory for their Dutch Wine & Cheese in
our next Holland tour itinery. Everything must try, dine & enjoy to the max to complete Holland trip.

Volendam is a beautiful and romantic place to stop by for a wonderful vacation. The beach is clean,
safe or not from the sharks I cannot guarantee like South Africa. Haha...Nowadays I need to be extra
careful also before I hit the beach for swimming esp. after my trip to South Africa, I learnt my lesson
quite well. I didn't take sharks or baby sharks from Klang when my friend invited me for this dish last
15 years ago so don't attack me ok. Even in South Africa we were served the sharks dishes, I let it go.
Feeling so calming and soothing atmosphere all around this relaxing place, I wana fall asleep liao.
Haha...The food was good, the people here are nice and friendly, I was glad I came  & will remember
this place forever. Although it's only for a few hours trip but it's totally worth the trip that's for sure! 

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