Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Travel And See The World

Travel is exhilarating, thrilling and exciting that's for sure. Some people save every month bit by bit just to go for a budget travel, but to them it's totally worth the effort and hardwork. Some spend a lot in just one trip like my friend Julia who asked me to come along with her early this year 2016 for Spring Holiday 17 days to Iceland & Scandinavia costing RM26,600. 'Sem Yuk Yuk', I got tempted lot to go along with her and discussing it with Rambo during dinner. Surprisingly, Rambo shouted "Let's go!" and I looked at him "Sure bo? Too long for me, I cannot." He continue to convince me, "Why not? Take a long holiday lah." In fact, after the trip Julia also shared with me that it's expensive for 17 days long but I consoled her soothingly, "It's ok, as long you enjoyed the holiday and from all the nice pictures I have seen, it's totally worth it. 

I declined Rambo's offer as I know he's gonna be very busy with their Japanese company expansion this 2016 involving 46million for new JB office and for Malaysia market. I 'tumpang' busy and getting myself involved in his company huge expansion real seriously because I wanted him to work hard and smart for this expansion before we can enjoy life further. I'm cool and calm about it as I reasoned with him that I already had holiday plans to visit the Keukenhof in Holland and London this time so Iceland can always wait till we're ready to go for a long holiday. And I'm glad I made it this time for London calling with many new wonderful experiences I get to enjoy from this Europe trip with no regrets, but full of fulfilling insights added into my life now. 

I remember Charmaine tagged me under one fantastic travel article early this year and I promised to 'Ching Ching' about my views on travel regarding this article. Ok, 1st of all and 1st and foremost, the travel writer has every rights on her views about travel to suggest that once she have saved that kinda money, she splurged it all on travel. There's no right or wrong about it as if she feels strongly about travel so much, by all means spend it all on it. Just like the last 'Yum Cha' session with LL my good friend, on our way to Zen & Co. Cafe for one of the best Butterscotch Frappe in town, he shown me this new Kuchai Lama Condo he's planning to buy.

He asked my opinion about it real seriously if he should buy it or not, I told him 'Mou Zuet Dui Ge Ngam or Cho' as it's really up to his own decisions in life. He wanted to go Japan holiday with me real excitedly and asked me to update him once I have decided to go again. After seeing my Europe Albums, he's so envious and vowed strongly to me that he wana go travel liao after telling him he needs to travel and see the world in his 40's. You can buy property, you can also allocate some money aside for travel and taking good care of the family at the same time. In fact, Rambo's life is so enriched now fulfilled with so many great travels we had over the years, he's the one who always pushed me to organize more travels to see the world passionately.

He's the one who keep pushing me to go anywhere in the world will do, so long we're on a holiday vacation to experience the many wonders of the world. He really know how to enjoy life right now. Now, it's my turn the other way round of a party who's not willing to spend so much on holidays as one trip like Europe can cost RM15,000 minimum but he encouraged me to go for it. He reasoned with me it's totally worth it and should spend it for total happiness and wellness in life. Just like my another friend SM once asked my opinion during one of our Penang gathering, one beauty salon suggested that she needs this facial treatment cost RM8000.

I replied her no need to pay RM8000 for intensive treatment, spend about RM2400 for great facial will do, RM2600 for Fendi Bag where she wanted to own a nice Fendi Bag like mine but it's too expensive for her and RM3000 for travel since she's also into travelling so much. I already advised her no need to buy the Lambskin Fendi Bag that cost RM9000+, can opt for leather which cost RM2500+ only so long it's a genuine Fendi Handbag. Fendi is one of the most prestigious luxury brand in Italy and all over the world with 140 years of rich fashion history story. With RM8000, she can own everything under her hands real beautifully and pridefully.

My sis Toto always wanted to get a new luxury handbag as she's bored with her old LV bag. Haha...Obviously, I didn't encouraged her to buy Hermes Bag like her tycoon friend who just bought the Hermes Crocs cost RM100,000+ but owned something like Burberry is classy enough. She made some money from money game investment so I encouraged her to go travel with friends to gain more fulfilling insights in her life besides spending money on material items. She did and even spent thousands of dollars in total wellness for Forever Living Aromatherapy which helped to enhance a better quality and comfy living, then by all means spend it.

Nowadays from my own observation among my family and friends, everyone of them are very 'Kan Lik' hardworking trying to save money to go travel because only people like us who are the frequent travellers, always on the go for travel and see the world will understand how meaningful it can be. My friend CC told me she only spend on travel and dining now, no more buying branded stuffs esp. seeing all of it getting old in the drawer she got so fed up about it. Haha...I know what she means by that, like my Rambo always 'Ngo' me he have never seen me using those old handbags anymore but keeping it for 'Bai Leng' at home only.

Somewhere, somehow his grumbling voice has prompted me to quickly start using those old bags or wearing my old Christian Dior clothings also. Haha...In conclusion and summary of 'My Travel Perspective In Life', I would summarize that spending money for travel is totally worth it be it for the budget or luxury ones. To me, the travel journey will only be complete when everything goes smoothly and nicely organized with good food, luxury 5 star hotel or even 7 star claimed by the Chinese in China or Dubai, a great shopping experience getting to shop all the lovely things to please ourselves, family+friends and meeting new friends who understand each other really well. From time to time, we update each other and hoping to travel together. 

Just like Jenny our South Africa tour guide aged 70 has mentioned to us, travel and see the world managed to create many lovely memories, money cannot really buy or replacing it. I totally agreed with her indeed although yes, we may have spent thousands of dollars in this trip but the memorable memories that we have gained and created along the trip is totally worth it. Deep down inside also, I know what she really meant by that as for her age of 70, she have seen and heard enough she knew what life is all about. In fact, I always learnt many new good things like this from the best, expertise and oldies like her so I can have a good and smooth life for myself fantastically and sensationally too. That's life, C'est la vie!

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