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Korean The Plant Base Curates The Purity Of Nature For Your Skin

At the dawn of the cosmic nature of the world, life forms emerged and those which have demonstrated a tenacity to exist despite hostile conditions went through an evolution. These life forms have become the strongest survival of living things on earth today, one of which are Plants. 

I totally fell in love with its green and serene packaging and started using it already on that night itself as I couldn't resist its lovely, luxury green packaging. Haha...In fact, I also fell in love with the natural scent of the essential oils and plants extracts so much I use it day and night to hydrate my skin to perfection now. 

It is believed that the earth’s atmosphere will not have the level of oxygen to support life until the evolution of photosynthetic plants. The purity of nature, energy and life force from this seed of life, the plants, are the quintessence of the skincare brand hailing from Korea - “The Plant Base”. The brand is one of the few coveted brands in Korea for choice of skincare products that contain pure natural ingredients.

“The Plant Base” was launched in Korea in 2005 as the most famous handmade natural soap. The brand entered the skincare products segment through its continuous research and development for high technology and ingredients, formulated with only natural plants and certified organic ingredients for healthy skin condition. The brand has continued to insist on hypoallergenic and high performance products, free from chemicals and harmful ingredients.

The products are formulated with plant extracts, which epitomize the highest peak in the biological evolution of plants and contain the highest medicinal and curative properties. Natural plants also have healing power to retard aging by controlling peroxide lipid formation.

While most skincare products contain refined water as the base (up to 80% of the formula), “The Plant Base” products are concentrated with bases that are composed of plant extracts, and formulated with ECOCERT certified organic ingredients and natural essential oils.

In addition to the efficient formulation of ingredients in “The Plant Base” skincare products, the research and development team of the brand also placed precedence in plant extraction methods. “The Plant Base” employed the Continuous Circulating Extract system, which maintains 50°C temperature for more than 72 hours in extracting the plant essence. This step is crucial in removing toxic materials without the loss of bio-active substance of plants.

“The Plant Base” Expert and Exclusive Formula
The efficacy of “The Plant Base” range of skincare products owes its success to a host of patented ingredients that can be exclusively found in their products. Staying true to “The Plant Base” philosophy, the patented ingredients are of natural composition and are effective at the same time in addressing skin concerns.

“The Plant Base” successful formula includes:
INFLAX™ - A complex of medicinal herb extracts that act to soothe the skin and work as anti-oxidant. It is a composition of extracts that include Glycyrrhiza Glabra (licorice), Persimmon Leaf, Morus Alba Bark and Opuntia Coccinelifera.

Natural Protector™ - An extract of fermented soybean, portulaca, willow, oregano, cypress, cinnamon and scutellaria baicalensis that brings anti-bacterial and anti-acne characteristics, as well as skin soothing, moisturizing and sebum controlling actions.

Resmelin™ - A complex of Thujaorientalis Leaf extract and Zanthoxylumpiperitum peel extract. It is an ingredient for whitening owing to its activity of hindering melanosome formation. It protects the skin from environmental pollutants and from darkening due to aging and UV exposures.

The Plant Base Worldwide  
“The Plant Base” is enjoying rave response among the discerning skincare product users in Korea, and demand for the products is gaining momentum worldwide. Malaysia’s skincare users will be able to enjoy “The Plant Base” products when they are made available from May 2016 at selected 15 Watson stores and Big Pharmacy. Malaysia is the 10th country in the global reception of “The Plant Base” products.For more informations on “The Plant Base”, you can check out

About The Plant Base
Launched in 2005 as the most famous natural soap brand in Korea, The Plant Base has been manufacturing 100% handmade natural soaps and entered the skincare business because of continuous consumer demand. Since the beginning, The Plant Base had insisted on hypoallergenic and high-performance products formulated with only natural plants and certified organic ingredients. 

With 8 different ranges and 45 skin care products, The Plant Base is exporting to over 10 countries and 100 global stores. The Plant Base has never stopped to research high-technology and ingredients for health and beauty even when they are already a leader in the cosmetics market. To seek true and healthy beauty through contribution to the society is where they belong. “The Plant Base” products are distributed by Altissimo Venture Sdn Bhd and sold at selected Watsons stores and BIG Pharmacy nationwide in Malaysia.

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