Friday, June 10, 2016

My Summer Bumper Journey 2016

Although I missed this Arimino Born In Japan Haircare Launch last March for their latest haircare treatment introduction, I still make my way there this week to close up the gap responsibly. And I'm so glad I came and get to meet up with one of the boss who's nice, humble, down to earth lady and from our short conversation, I knew that she's a somebody after I've confirmed it with Joseph. My life is fulfilled and complete with happiness when I get to meet people like her who's full of wisdom to inspire me to do better each day of my life. 

I didn't expect her to be there on that day until Will introduced us both that fateful afternoon. Ms. Tan then asked me excitedly "Are you a Filipino?" and I replied her, "I'm Malaysian." She goes on asking, "Chinese?" "Oh yes, I'm Chinese Cantonese." Haha...I laughed out loud and continue saying, "I speaks Cantonese all my life" when she asked if I can speaks Chinese. Everywhere I go, people always have mistaken me as mixed Thai Chinese or Mixed Eurasian etc. and were surprised when I speaks fluent Cantonese, like the Bonia event also.

In fact Ms. Tan got surprised as she thought I dye my hair with hair colour and still having healthy hair at the same time. After telling her it's my natural hair colour, I also told her that I go for scalp+hair treatment every month at haircare centre, then she understood why. Obviously we talked about hair related issue, haircare products, my blog relation to health, beauty and wellness and many things that are related to life. She keeps telling me that she liked my Ted Baker London Handbag, the nice colour and my signature furry green pom pom to match my handbag, saying that I'm a fun and full of life lady. She even made a cup of Chinese Tea for me and I thanked her for that. As a boss who's part of a big organisation company dealing with Volvo, properties, beauty and fashion, she is someone I really respect and salute her for being so nice and lovely. 

Haha...The moment I met Rambo when he came to fetch me after the relaxing hair treatment I told him, "You see, not necessary you must use or get me any Hermes Bag only then people know how to 'Yan Seong' your bag." My last trip in France, Rambo keep asking me to get one Hermes Handbag and a Rolex Watch because the price are quite reasonable and affordable too. The Rolex only cost Euro 3985 but I didn't quite like it so I didn't buy it. The Rolex sales associate still presented me their exclusive booklet so I took it. I went in Gucci also but they didn't have the limited edition Green Floral the one that they emailed me. I only wanted that particular design that I liked, no stock so I left. In Malaysia, the Gucci Gardens also no stock, I went in and asked and it's more expensive than France about RM1000.

And I always reasoned with Rambo that I would buy it when I really fell in love with the exceptional beauty and design100%, I will then asked him to pay for it. Not necessary have to be branded, high-end premium brands or luxurious type that you need to fulfil anyone's alter ego. I'm happy because I get to buy something that I really loved and will use it till the rest of my life. I even reasoned with him nicely that the RM40,000 for Hermes Bag I rather keep in the FD to make more money for me every month. With the bank interest I gained monthly, I can use it to buy anything that I liked too. This is how I achieve my peace of mind. 

Now if he wanted to buy any property, I let him buy it if it's worthy to buy. But I don't allow him to buy the hilltop Bungalow at Desa Petaling that cost RM4million, stupid loh if he buy now. My friend Angie told me she wanted to buy that too but no way she can afford it. She also informed me on the latest property development that cost RM600,000 with 15% rebate for early birds so I can quickly grab a unit for myself too. My friend LL just showed me the new RM800,000 property he bought at Desa Petaling, wanted to get another new one in Kuchai Lama and he asked my opinion about it, in which I replied him it's really up to him. 

Rambo's best buddies are even more 'Kua Jeong', asking us to invest RM500,000 gathered together in buying a land in Selangor and build up our own properties that hiked up to 7 million liao today. Haha...I just leave it to him as nowadays, I didn't wana 'Fan Lou' fret too much about monetary gains but more into enjoying my life simply happy only. Even my sister Defney agreed with me recently when I told her that life is happy when you lead a simple life. As long I'm healthy and happy, 'Ze Tin Ze Dei' already and really thank God for that!

When I bid goodbye farewell on my Facebook to Europe last April, my sis bestie KC also wished me happy holidays as she's travelling to South America too. My sis also told me she sold many of her properties and now begin to go travelling like me. But she's more into spending a lot of money on shopping, dining and travelling like nobody's business. Haha...I laughed out loud and replied my sis, "It's ok, I rather she spend on holidays than using the money for 'Yi Beng' any illness in the hospital", in which my sister totally agreed with me. 

Recently LL also asked me for Yum Cha session and brought me for good food dining as he knew me so well after all these years being good friends, he also said he's so envious of my happy life, always go for travel. I seriously told him, "You need to travel and see the world already at your age of 40's!" I also told him no need to compare our lives among each other, he have his happy family life and I have mine too. Even Jamie, my bestie also wanted to follow me real badly but she can't as she's too busy stuck in her big MLM business.

My friend Era also recently met me, asking me to join her MLM business with RM28,800 investment and joined her go Taiwan trip together for fun. I told Rambo about it during our dinner time and so he asked if I'm interested to join her in doing this kinda business. Actually I love this kinda beauty and wellness business but I prefer not to do much, so 'San Fu' for what? Even the tea party by Logo also, Rambo asked me to let go and stay cool going shopping on my own will do. He offered to give me double for my shopping, no need to blog about it. He really make me laughed out loud so much and I know he only wana show how much he cared.

I don't mind to blog for Logo but not into organising so many things that took too much of my precious time as I can use that time to complete more projects in hand. I'm honoured that they recognised and invited me as one of the fashion icon to write for them, offered high credits in thousands of dollars for me. The PR left and I'm too busy to organise petty things that they're not familiar with so I declined them nicely. I strictly told them also there's no way I can give them 3 blogs that they wanted, maximum only 2 blogs the most.

I heard that one Malay Blogger wrote back to them, she'll give them the amount in return of 3 blogs from Logo that made me laughed out loud. Haha...I didn't reply in this kinda manner as I always practise 'Shan Shui Yau Seong Fung' philosophy. Never treat anyone/company poorly as you never know one day, you'll meet them also along the way. The GM and Fashion Director 'Guai Lou' wanted to meet me for meetings so we can work things out also I didn't have the time for them and they totally understand my position on that. 

The GM Jen also knew Rambo's company business expansion worth multi-million dollar business in JB this year, she dare not push me to go on with this fashion event and for sure I would not greed on any offer that they offered also right now. But I humbly said that 'Loi Yat Fong Cheong', I rejected them now didn't mean I won't collaborate with them forever or in future. In the event in future when I'm free to breathing happy mood that time, I may organise it depending on my mood then since blogging is only one part passion of my life. 

She's happy with my answer and hoping that I can attend their Logo opening to grace their event as well, in which I replied her I will provided that I'm free on that day. Back to my original story above, now my sister-inlaw like Sis Hoon also said that her goal is to travel and see the world like Jacinta and she has started to do her own business liao. I'm really happy for her as I always told her starting on her own business in the initial stage is difficult, but sooner or later she'll reap the fruits of her own labour gleefully till 'Kaka Siu' big laughters. To be continue Part 2, stay tuned! 

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