Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Carlo Rino's 30th Anniversary - Fantastical Fantasy Autumn/Winter Collection 2016

Carlo Rino, a brand that is known for making fashionable ladies’ accessories that is always in tune with the latest fashion trends, turned 30 this year. Because of that, the brand is offering Malaysian customers more rewards than ever before. First and foremost, I wish to congratulate Carlo Rino "Happy 30th Anniversary" and I was so glad to be part of your celebration to grace your Fantastical Fantasy Autumn/Winter event at MidValley Megamall.

Carlo Rino is a brand that radiates style and practicality with the perfect contemporary and versatility combination. The brand believes that great design that are fresh and fashionable coupled with quality materials is the key to capture the hearts of many young urban ladies who wish to look their best all day. In fact, my attention only focused much on their latest Autumn/Winter collection with indescribable awe. 

Carlo Rino customers are now able to register to become a member with any purchase at any Carlo Rino boutiques in Malaysia to immediately enjoy a point rebate system. These points are as good as cash for their next purchase. The more customers purchase Carlo Rino’s products, the more rewards they can enjoy. I have joined their membership too, join the club the next time you step to any Carlo Rino Shop. 

Point Rebate System  
·         Normal Price to Less than 10% products – Enjoy 10% rebate
·         Less than 20% to Less than 40% products – Enjoy 5% rebate
*1 point rebate = RM1 (All Products)

Besides that, members are able to enjoy plenty of benefits such as a RM100 birthday discount voucher on their birthday month; being a part of exclusive events, fashion shows, tea parties and private pre-sales; being the first to get the latest happenings and news on the Carlo Rinonewsletters; and enjoying extra benefits and privileges with Carlo Rino’s partners from time to time.Carlo Rino invites customers and fans to become a member and enjoy this new shopping convenience that will definitely increase their lifestyles and fashion sense.

“We have decided to reward our customers for being with us throughout all these years. Without them, we could not have gotten the support and success that we have today,” said William Chiang, Carlo Rino’s Director, “With the new terms on Carlo Rino’s membership, customers will save more, the more they shop. This is our way of giving back.”

A Fantastical Fantasy Beholding Nature's Palette
Sweet and Trendy
Adorable and feminine; these two words best describe this range of sweet and trendy handbags and shoes. Introducing our unique creations that are in a whole class by itself, ever ready to make you the centre of attention everywhere you go.

Fluttering Into Our Hearts
The epitome of cute, youth and witty; this range of bags are must-haves in your ever growing bag collection! Origami crane prints beautify the whole range with their pink shades printed on an eggshell white base, to make the prints stand out in all their glory. They are lightweight and capacious in quality. To add elegance to its features are its classy caramel brown handles and straps that will make any look that much more appealing. Show them off anytime of the day.

Here, Kitty Kitty

This range of unexpectedly fun and adorable design has certainly clawed into our hearts and would not let go. Thus, this gorgeously designed range was born! We have infused our brand in the silhouette of a cat leather patchwork making it the focal point of this whole range. Accentuate your repertoire during your off-days with this unique state-of-the-art range of arm candies. They boast ample storage space and are equipped with a pink statement strap for sheer convenience.

Young and Stylish
Do not be left out and always stay up-to-date on the latest trends with Carlo Rino! With a range of sleek classy handbags to far fetched footwear, we got you covered to keep you in trend and ready to mingle, every time.

Dainty Statements
Ever felt like you wanted to make a statement but not go over the top? Well, now you can with this petite and simple yet trendy range that exudes adorability and femininity. Half of the range comes with an endearing leather trim patterned charm and the other half comes with a sleek curved handle, just for that little extra attention. Constructed to withstand long wears and certain circumstances, they are a perfect fit for any casual day out.

Lavish All-Rounder
Crafted exclusively in simple elegance, this range of bags can be carried from work to play effortlessly. They bring an element of lavishness to whatever you match it with because of its classic colours. Pair them up with a chic dress for a date night out or with your fav work ensemble. This range of gorgeous bags is designed to warrant versatility with zippered and storage qualities that allow maximum capacity and security while keeping a classic aesthetic through their durability, minimalist silhouette and gold accents.

The Ravishing Diva

A simply divatastic range, these glamorous heels give you a punch of attitude when rocking them with your dinner outfits. They come in a variety of design and colours to suit your many extravagant dinner parties or just usual dinner gatherings. There are some for when you need that extra boost on days when you opt for a long dress and there are slightly heeled numbers when you want to rock that little black dress. Prepare to be dazzled by The Ravishing Diva.

A Figure for Fun
Inject a dash of wittiness into your outfits with this fun print range of footwear. Crafted to fit any occasion with its variety of designs and styles from times when you want a more simplistic look to an amped up one, this range offers it all. This range is definitely one to take note of.

Party Perfect
Paint the town red and get these dancing shoes on, ladies! This diverse designed range of heels is created for durability without compromising on an equally important element, its style. Each design has that little zing to gain a little more attention. It has at least one style that would fit everyone. The tasselled finish ones are for those fashionistas wanting a little more bounce in their step and the strapped ones are for ladies wanting to add a little mystery in their kicks without wanting to show too much.

Modernised Retro

Fashionably structured to revamp retro designs, this range of classically bold and colourful numbers are meant to bring out your confidence and charm.

Plush Perfect

Go about your week with flair and confidence! This range brings the elegance of modern designs to a whole new level. It is stylishly structured to be not only spacious in nature but tasteful in design to bring the modern woman grace and leisure when carrying it. These captivating bags are ideal for any occasion; work, casual or even travel.

Chromatically Charismatic

Let your fashion choices speak for you in this classically structured range with a twist. Its colour-blocking aspect is on point and just fashionably right. Business on one side and fun on another! Designed with a leatherette finish with convenient strap options and organised compartments, this range of Chromatically Charismatic creations is just what you need to perfect any ensemble you rock.

Signature Novelties

Embark on a journey of stylish practicality without any fuss with this avant-garde signature printed range of darling creations. Spruced up with hints of gold accents, multiple compartments and sufficient space for versatility, they will amp up any look to new levels. Aim to ease comfort and convenience, this is the ideal range for all urban fashionistas out there.

Lustrous Casuals
For a wisp of understated luxury, make a memorable entrance with these Lustrous Casuals. They are designed with a classic colour sole to give way to its vibrant print upper for a chic touch. Also, their glossy and metallic finishes are perfect to give you a boost of confidence. This range is not created just for breezy comfort but also contemporary elegance for both your day and night excursions.

Spectacular Strappy Sensations
Strap it up with these sumptuous strappy sling heels that will be sure to elevate your look to a whole new level. Get your off-duty style strong for your ever-casual ensemble without losing its chunky comfort. This range has instant style gratification that will appeal to different people. So what are you waiting for? Pick up one or all pairs because your shoe closet is calling for this quintessential strappy sling range.

All In A Day's Work
We present to you, your new must-have pieces in your work ensemble especially dedicated to the young working executives! These demure handbags and shoes will elevate your outfits with an extra dosage of definition, giving you instant style gratification.

Iconic Classic
Oozing with effortless sophistication, this iconic monogram satchel that comes in not only one, not two but three beautiful and bold colours are made up of the best quality for durability making it nifty yet dependable. It is designed with an adorable gold accent turn-lock closure, ample space and two-way styling to maximise functionality, capacity and security. It is best paired with a little sundress for afternoon tea with your girlfriends.

Vogue Deviation
Stylish and sensible, this signature printed two-way tote is the ideal companion on your work days. With a variety of demure colours to choose from, there is at least one fit for everyone. It also features snap-buttons at the sides of the bag to hide the printed sides on days when you want to go for more plain and sleek look. Just unsnap those buttons to add a pizzazz personality to your ensemble. It comes with a shoulder strap as well that provides comfortable, hassle-free carrying.

Prim and Proper
Elegance is simplicity and we know it best! Fashioned deliberately to fit multiple work ensembles, this Prim and Proper range of work shoes are made with comfort and fashion in mind. From alluring pointed toe designs to chic loafers, this autumnal-inspired range gives you an edgy sass to create strong and bold steps when you strut forward and upward the career ladder. 

Sporty Chic
Get your shoe game strong while strolling around the city with any of these chic creations on! They are deliberately designed to add a little snazziness into your apparels.

The Comfy Elevators
When it comes to effortless style, we have it down pat. This range of chic creations is padded with an elevated platform for a not-so discreet height on casual days. They are perfect to channel out your cheerful personality with their spot on designs, colours and comfort qualities. Enhance contour of your feet with these ever-casual range.

Sprightly Breezies
Style up your weekend with these Sprightly Breezies! They are made perfect for your chill, laidback days with their ultimate comfort and coverage that will help keeps your steps light and happy. Commute around the city effortlessly without ever having to compromise on style. This range offers multiple coloured flats to match with any of your weekend outfits.

Carlo Rino aims to bring you the best creations every season and this season’s pieces are the best yet. They bring you a variety of pieces that would accentuate your everyday ensemble, for every occasion, big or small, making every day a day to remember. I totally fall in love with Fantastical Fantasy Autumn/Winter Collection 2016 and managed to grab the fascinating handbag that week. I feel fantastic about it especially I get to buy the lovely heart-shaped Carlo Rino Bag Charm that I have aimed for since early this year of 2016! 

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