Tuesday, September 6, 2016

EVO Cutting & Styling Featuring By Jules Tognini

Arrived happily for the EVO Cutting & Styling featuring by Jules Tognini,, hailed all the way from Australia
with his superb team. Sorry for the blur picture by old iphone 4s and I forgot to bring my camera also that day.

Upon registering, all the invited guests were given the chance to spin the lucky draw for their wonderful
and beautiful products. Thank God I won the Fabuloso Haircare range although I like all the EVO range.
I got so tempted to try out their haircare range after attending it again but I'm not ready to colour my
hair yet. Every morning I wakes up, I saw my natural brown hair shines real healthily and smoothly
by my simple philosophy of using a good shampoo will help a long way for many years to come.
While enjoying their forever entertaining beverages and snacks, I get to share my opinions and views
about EIG products with their managing director. I even met those hairstylists whom I know at the event.
Haha...Nowadays, I sure meet someone I knew wherever I go. Some I cannot recognised, some I can.

EVO concept and philosophy is worthy to be applauded for their good karma in supporting the green
and recycling. Reiko told me she saw me at this event when we met later that week for another Australian
Christmas event and we talked much about the stunning new hairstyle and colour by EVO that we liked.
As usual, this cute Aussie Team loved to create fun games full of unstoppable laughters and usually
the guests who wanted their limited edition gifts, they needed to dance to the beat of the song for it.

The EVO Cutting & Styling By Jules Tognini with the models hair cuts and colours. Fantastic and
fascinating hair makeovers that tempted me lot but I still need more time to consider about it, haha!

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