Thursday, September 22, 2016

Japan - Kyushu Island Part 1

Kyushu Island had made such a big impact on my travel journey experiences. Not only the overall green, clean and serene environment can put me in a zen happy mood with relaxing tours of great shopping, dining and spa-Ing moments everyday for the whole blissful week, I really don't mind to stay longer here and visit Kyushu again if I'm free to do so. It's one of my most memorable fantastic holiday ever in Japan history. 

Flying with Vietnam Airlines to Hanoi & Ho Chih Minh to Japan Kyushu Island is not a bad experience for me. The food was good, the service was great with handsome cabin crews and comfortable seats with pillow & blanket. Most important thing is safety comes 1st & I've reached my home soil safe & sound. I saved about RM2000+ by flying with them compared with SA which I rather used it for shopping and dining in Japan.

Honshu & Hokkaido islands have already given me many nice Japanese stampings of happy, lovely travel memories in my 40 years of travel journeys, now Kyushu too has added another big signature mark on my travel journey that I'm happy to blog about it real soon so stay tuned. Haha...Only the best and good things in 'JC's Life Diary' that I would spend my precious time to write and share about it with the whole world. 

Kyushu Island is quiet and definitely different from the other islands like Honshu where Tokyo is situated, famously known as one of the most populous 13+ million people in this busy city compared to KL, Malaysia with only 2 million plus. Kyushu is fully surrounded with beautiful forestry and wonderful sceneries. It's more relaxing and interesting at the same time. To be continue about Kyushu Island, stay tuned!

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