Monday, September 19, 2016

Kyushu Island - Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle is the 1st pit stop I was glad to make a visit in Kyushu Island, Japan. Although it's affected
by the recent April earthquake real badly, the Japanese are making the efforts to repair and restore the hilltop
castle located in Kumamoto Prefecture. I hope the Buddha can 'Sau Ha Lau Ching' a bit to protect them always. 

As you can see, the leaves are beginning to turn into orange or red real soon
to welcome the Autumn Season. Consider it's a Summer/Autumn season for me
as it can be cold at night but very hot in the afternoon during the Summer season.
Kumamoto Castle is beautiful situated right at the hilltop mountain but the 
mother nature of earthquake which is prone to strike Japan, be it at Hokkaido,
Honshu, Kyushu  and even Okinawa is too powerful already with bad damages
around here, there and every corner of the castle. They had no choice but to
close the castle for faraway viewing & taking pictures from this area only. 
Hope they can repair it as soon as possible & open for the public visit real soon. 

Slowly, we took a short stroll down to this ancient village of Kumamoto Castle where there are many shops
selling art and crafts, souvenirs and Japanese food as well. So peaceful, a tranquil environment all around. 

We joined the Japanese tourists sitting here for a short performance and later with Ninja shows also.
Haha...We took many pictures and selfie together during the performance shows.

I saw many hunky Ninjas and the only female Ninja walking out from here so I grabbed the chance to take
a nice picture with her asap. She's polite and nice, we thanked each other after taking a nice picture together.
Last but not least, a last picture with the Kumamoto Castle character before leaving the place for our
Japanese lunch at Kumamoto city centre.
I made a final stop at this lovely shop that made fresh Mochi, cakes & cookies for sale here. Smells good &
looked attractive, it's expensive too. Haha...In Japan. everything is expensive but it's totally worth it 
that's for sure. I rather pay for quality besides for yummy or lovely Japanese products enjoyment.

Bought my 1st Kirin Ice Lemon Tea from the vending machine I liked to play whenever I travel to Japan.
Cost me 140 yen, about RM5.60 if you calculate it to be 100 Yen:RM4. Used to be only JY100:RM3.30 but
now, everything went up and more expensive due to our weak Ringgit Malaysia currency. Lucky I have
Japanese Yen savings all the time I need not change JY at all, if not I will sure grumble and scold the G liao.
That's why my mood is still good and getting real excited looking forward for our 1st Japanese Lunch
in Kyushu Island at Kumamoto city. We had yummy grilled Unagi Fish & Tempura to stay healthy
with sufficient protein intake for my body and hair. They also provided us hot green tea & ice water.
After having an hour of delicious lunch and non-stop laughters, we're travel-stoke for shopping liao!

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