Sunday, September 11, 2016

Naruko Beauty Date With Taiwanese Beauty King Niuer

It was a moment of truth for many beauty fans when celebrated Taiwanese beauty guru appeared at Watsons store in Watsons Pyramid. Niuer , a household name especially in his country Taiwan where he is referred to as the “Beauty King” greeted his Malaysian fans esp. for Watsons VIP members and beauty customers. Many of them shouted his name and welcoming him like a superstar like that and he's very humble to greet everyone of us when he's coming in with style that fateful afternoon.

I was glad I made it that Saturday afternoon as the last time he was here 2 years ago at Sunway Convention Centre, I only came in briefly for the beauty event and rushing to join my bestie already. Haha...Somewhere, somehow I think I have quite the 'Yuen Fen' - good fate with him and I like him a lot for his gentle demeanour with real expertise in the beauty line for many years already. 

Niuer’s visit to Malaysia was made possible with Naruko and exclusively at Watsons. In fact he told us that he loves to visit Malaysia because besides Taiwan, Malaysia is another country that support his Naruko beauty brand the most and he's very 'Gan En'(grateful) for that actually. The Naruko brand awarded best new brand in Taiwan and China is recognized as the best-selling brand online. No doubt about that for sure.

The Naruko brand which lies on four pillars of affordability, refine, unique and kindness are only available at Watsons store in Malaysia. The Naruko range contains 60 kinds of precious botanical extracts which helps for acne clearing and whitening, hydrating of skin and maintaining skin elasticity.

For Acne clearing and whitening, many softening and whitening ingredients include peony root, Job’s tears, polygoni cuspidate, saxifrage, kiwi fruit and mulberry that help whiten, hydrate and soothe skin while improving skin metabolism. For more infos, check out

Whilst for hydration, various hydrating botanical extracts such as wheat bran protein, rose, tremella and sakura provide skin moisture which helps retain water, maintain elasticity, prevent dryness and tighten skin. This Hydration range smells so refreshingly sweet and nice, I wish I could pamper it all over my body too. 

For skin elasticity, botanical extracts such as ginseng, scutellaria baicalensis, pueraria and Coptis chinensis Franch provide a protection shield for the skin, keeping it safe from external pollutants and the adverse effects of aging. Haha...This is the most suitable skincare range for me now but I like the Whitening range too. 

“The Naruko brand and Niuer are synonym, whom are both well know in Taiwan and China. We are happy to have Niuer here In Malaysia and provide this money can’t buy experience to our VIP members. It is also an opportunity to closer our relationship with our customers as we portray to be the leader in health and beauty retail in Malaysia,” added Caryn. I can't wait to try the mystery White Jar that cost RM398, stay tuned!

Naruko with Watsons has also staged an exclusive beauty workshop with lucky Watsons VIP members and the Watsons blogger’s community for a personal experience with the Naruko brand. I was busy that Sunday so I missed the beauty workshop but lucky I came that Saturday for this meaningful event to support him as I have been using many of Naruko great products and super duper loving the Night Gelly for years already. Time really flies, I hope to see Niuer Lao Shi and learn more beauty tips from him again soon. C ya then! 

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