Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chosungah22 Bounce Up Pact SPF50+/PA+++ Review

Chosungah 22 is an established brand founded by Ms. Chosungah, the make-up artist of many Korean superstars like Song Hye-Kyo etc. ‘Ver. 22’ in the brand name refers to Ms. Chosungah’s establishing the company when she had been a make-up artist for 22 years. I have read many good reviews about the Bounce Up Pact SPF50+/PA+++ that kinda tempted me to give it a try real confidently. 

I was glad I brought it along to Japan that gave me the full-protection from the hazardous UV rays there even when it was supposed to reach Autumn Season this September month. And I was grateful that SaSa Malaysia managed to send me this unique wet-powder foundation for a nice review that busy weekend where I can only collect it the day before I fly to Japan.

Just in September month, I told many of my friends I didn't like to use BB Cushion and have rejected many famous brands from around the world which I've tried, tested and received as gifts. Haha...Then they started to ask me what kinda foundation I'm using then as my skin looked really natural and smooth too. I actually revealed my beauty secret to them honestly and carefully from using skincare to powder foundation steps.

I believe in using a good moisturiser for deep hydration and powder foundation only. In fact, I love buying powder foundation in all my life and having tonnes of many brands at home. Chosungah 22 is one of the long lasting powder foundation which I would recommend you to try and use for their daily beauty needs if you wanted to achieve flawless, perfect finishing touch for face and neck with velvety touch. 

It also managed to cover the stubborn wrinkles on my forehead due to 'insufficient 8 hours of my normal daily beauty sleep' on the 1st night in Japan. My sleeping hours was supposed to be at 12 midnight to 8 am, even Grace can see that I struggle and get on board asap for my beauty sleep at 2am although we had a good chat all night long. Sleeping 8 hours means everything to me, it's my ultimate health and beauty secret.

Not only it managed to cover the stubborn wrinkles on my face, laughing lines and neck successfully, it's a long lasting makeup foundation that helped to protect my skin from the crazy sunlight of Japan. It's easy to remove with organic makeup remover too. It didn't weight heavily on my skin or looked cakey like I'm wearing any thick foundation on my skin. I'm going to keep and use it for my travel and daily use that's for sure.

Rambo usually would have complained a lot if he sees my skin tarred with thick foundation/BB that didn't suit/matches my skin tone colour but here in Japan, he didn't mentioned anything about it at all. For more infos about Chosungah22, check out SaSa Malaysia at https://www.facebook.com/SaSaMalaysia/?fref=ts

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