Monday, September 26, 2016

Japan Kyushu Island - Miyazaki Takachiho Gorge

Although it's raining here in Kyushu Island, it didn't dampen our spirit to visit this wonderful scenic tourist
attraction situated at Miyazaki Prefecture. Thank God it didn't rain heavily as it's too dangerous liao to track
the slippery routes all along this beautiful greenery. In fact, many uncles and aunties facing difficulties here.
But they are lucky we're not under duress stress like any China beautiful nature excursion. For Japan trip,
it's a relaxing and enchanting trip where we can take our time to walk slowly all along the lovely journey,
take as many pictures as you wanted or stop and smell the flowers enjoying the rich flora and fauna here.

Nobody will rush us in anyway even the tour guide keep advising us to stay alert and careful along the way.
Spectacular views all over especially with the rains drizzling gently on us so long we didn't compare it with
China fascinating views of Jiuzhaigou. Haha...Japan have their own distinctive beauty with clean fresh air.
Both Rambo and I agreed that lucky they insisted we visit this place even with the rainfall 'Shui Wai Choi,'
bringing the Japan prosperous fortune back to Malaysia for us as I enjoy this kinda green, clean and serene
environment so so much. At 1st, I was so tired but after absorbing all the natural negative ions, I feel so alive.
In fact, this morning after I get on the bus the rain begin to pour and I fell asleep till I reached this destination.
I feel like a dead fish like that, asking me to walk so far deep into the woods and green forestry just to watch
the waterfall but then after walking for awhile, I feel so lively and revitalised with uplifted spirit excitedly.
I feel so blessed to be around this nestled green nature of Miyazaki. No wonder they said that most of their
oldest people who lived up to 100 years old came from Kyushu and Okinawa. Haha...I also liked it here and
told Rambo maybe we can retire here also since his Japanese company also have branches here and there.
Actually Rambo came to Fukuoka for his Japanese company exhibition last 3 years ago & he also brought me
to visit their shop at Tenjin which is just next to Muji. He showed me the Malaysia and other countries' items
also where it's expensive selling at hundreds & thousands of dollars but for the Japanese, it's consider cheap
liao as they're earning high income like 250,000 for fresh graduates. For Rambo's level of income, they can
earn about 500,000:RM20,000 per month. Back to the nature, the Koi fishes are big like baby sharks like that.
Haha...Rambo was so jealous and envious of their 'Hou Sik, Hou Zue' life here in Kyushu Island as he said
if he stays here for long, he also will be fatty bom bom like them. In fact, both Rambo and my good friend LL
gained so much weight as we only live to dine+wine, sightseeing and shopping only the whole week through.
All of us enjoyed the Japanese good food served to us differently everyday. If yesterday we took tempura,
the next day they will arrange a set of yummy Sushi with Sashimi also for us, then Soba or Udon noodles
which I would only took from Japan. In Malaysia, everyone knew that I seldom visit Japanese restaurants
one unless it's invited by Rambo's company/friends and special food review only. Dine & pay only the best. 
Although this Japanese lunch at the restaurant seemed to look simple but it tasted really good esp. I added
some authentic Wasabi into my Soba Noodle, it was so delicious. Even those pickled vegetables tasted so
good with the rice, Soba and a pot of Sukiyaki Chicken for me. Both Rambo+LL chose tastier Sukiyaki Pork.
We chatted a lot with non-stop laughters during our yummy lunch. Feels so much better and energetic with
lunch and many cups of anti-aging green tea, we then continue with the next walk to the fantastic waterfall
situated deep inside of this virgin greenery forest. Wow, I can feel the unlimited positive vibes with the
soft mist water raining on me. Those who wana go shopping can go ahead for sure, but I prefer to stay here.

This Japan Kyushu Tour have given us ample time with everyday shopping trips as we wanted to & we are
staying at strategic city centre hotel. In fact, as a leader of my group I have arranged nicely with them also to
put our luggage bags and zoom out asap for shopping 'Lap Fo' at shopping malls and Aeon 24 hours till we
had enough shopping only then we go back hotel for hot spring spa which is open till 2am, reopen at 5am. 
Haha...We had so much fun together as 'Gila-gila' sot crazy buddies like we used to be in our 20's. In fact, I
can keep my energetic momentum strong here in Japan with all the positive energy I get to absorb from the
good vibes of 5 serene tranquillity Kyushu prefectures of Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Nagasaki and
Fukuoka. We travelled the whole island of Kyushu in 7 days in order for me to know Kyushu well enough.

Rambo was so bad, he teased "Like that only the waterfall?" which really made me
laughed out loud uncontrollably. Haha...I can't stop laughing about it, reminded me
so much about my many China trips and tour guides pleading us not to compare.

The breathtaking views from one angle to another corner were so indescriable.
I really loved the V-shaped gorge and captivating views here. And I'm glad to
spend my Summer/Autumn holiday here in Kyushu with my good friends who
can keep up with my active fast pace till late at night. After our hot spring spa,
I fell asleep like a baby without any lullaby song as this is the right way to live.
I really don't mind to wake up early in the morning for great sightseeing but I need at least 8 hours of deep
sleep and a short nap during the 2/3 hours journey along the way to reach each prefecture safely. It's good
to go with my friends also this time as we're rewinding those old flames of memories in our 20's to 40's now.
Haha...To think of it, we're still young at heart and can do so much of great things together even in our 40's.
Grace kept telling me we had so much fun together every night before we sleep and I totally agreed with her!

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