Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mid-Autumn Season 2016

I finally chose to attend the Aeon Mid-Autumn Media event out from the 3 invitations today. Haha...I cannot split myself into triplets. Most importantly no matter how busy I can be, I will attend my family dinner just to meet my 3 dear Charmers for fun gathering. Lynette sure wishing me, "Amituofo Dai Yiyi" with her manja loving kiss on my left cheek and I obviously kissed her back. "So loving," Rambo always said that to me happily.

No matter what their age can be, they're always my sweet, young girls who are growing up pretty and happy that's for sure. Even Sis Toto and her gang's private party also I can't join them unless it's organised on Sunday. We indulged the famous Hongkie Mooncake, freshly baked mooncake flown all the way from Macau and local Malaysian ones. Haha...Stay tuned for more mooncake updates from me soon!

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