Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Healthy, Beauty And Wellness Updates 2016 (Part 2: E.Excel ELEMENTE Glow Shimmer Powder)

I'm a fan of makeup products although I didn't makeup a lot as I prefer to look au natural kinda girl. But I still
love shopping, collecting and receiving many makeup products from my friends always. In fact, there are
many good brands from all over the world we should try from China with USD55 billion sales revenue p.a.
No doubt about that, everywhere I go shopping be it Europe, Japan or China, China esp. full with pretty
ladies trying out skincare, perfume and makeups at the counters. Even my favourite Avon Cool Mask has

ran out of stocks and when I asked Avon to get it for Malaysia market, China said they only produced it
for their China market and not enough to export to other countries. Haha...That's how powerful China is!

That's why I always said, if we can penetrate the China market even selling water bottle also 'Jiak Beh Liao',
instantly you can become rich and prosperous overnight. However, they cannot do direct sales business in
China so Avon and Cellfood are sold at shops and counters at the shopping mall and their businesses in
China only exceeded all the sales in Asia region itself. This Elemente Glow Shimmer Powder was given to
me as a gift from my bestie so I started using it last August. It's so easy to use, with just a light swipe all over
my face, my skin looked so much brighter and glowing like a superstar. In Malaysia, retail price RM235.
The packaging is so classy, really luxury and it's light to carry as well. It reminds
me so much of my love for Guerlain Meteorites Powder I used to pamper in my 20's
till today. I still have tonnes of it and wherever I go, many of them noticed that even
after I've changed the powder cover.Guerlain used to be my makeup signature brand
but now, every brand of makeups can be my friends as well. Many of my friends are
involved in direct sales business, they presented me their expensive and effective
great products to try, beautify and let me get uplifted with their luxurious products
I fell in love with. And it's great when we meet up, I get very motivated with their
successful, meaningful million dollar business of health, beauty & wellness talk ever.

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