Monday, September 12, 2016

Ecowell Organic Facial Care Series - Face Tonic

Ecowell Organic Facial Care Series products not only smells revitalising and rejuvenating enough to uplifting my good mood to use it everyday, it managed to keep my skin soft, smooth, hydrating and moisturising as well. So natural, so pure with divine scent that make me fall in love with this wonderful set naturally. I'm going to bring it along for my Japan Kyushu holiday for total beauty and pampering. Haha...1st time ever I will bring a set of organic skincare set for travel holiday, usually I only bring skincare sachets or buy it from overseas.

Lucky I brought along this light travel-friendly Ecowell Organic Skincare Series in my recent business trip to keep my skin healthy and pretty easily. After cleansing my skin with Liquid Facial Soap, I sprayed the Face Tonic that's richly infused with Organic Chamomile luxuriously and I enjoyed smelling the relaxing scent of Chamomile soothingly on my skin. My skin feels moisturised as I gently pat it all over my face gently. It's easier to apply the Eco Bio Face Cream that absorbed to my skin and managed to lock-in the moisture effectively.   

There are 3 more great products to be revealed every week so stay tuned for my updates this September month. In the meantime, you can get up close with Ecowell news and updates at;

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