Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Japan Samantha Vega Branded Handbags

Thank God I get to grab something pretty and lovely on the 1st day I arrived in
Japan - Kyushu Island. This is the kinda holiday I always dreamed of enjoying
with ample time to shop till I drop, dining yummy good food all night long with
relaxing sightseeing of lovely sceneries all around the whole Kyushu Island.
There are so many gorgeous handbags in SV that I wanted to grab back home but
I finally chose the only SV Pink Furry Handbag I fall in love with at 1st sight!

Rambo encouraged me to take 2 more handbags that I liked very much also but I told him "No" as I'm not a
'Pat Zau Yue' : Octopus. I only have 2 hands, one to carry a nice handbag that I love and another to relax abit.
Haha...The quality is good, it's light and the design looked extraordinary special and luxury too. Rambo also
QA/QC checked for me and think it's good in quality even for the fur finishing. He's very strict one, usually
complained a lot and asked me not to buy but this time he's fine with this SV brand. It's expensive, retailing at
JY15,500:RM620 but it's totally worth it as I really loved it very much. If I'm destined to meet SV then let it be.
The tour leader Kitty saw the SV nice paperbag and said that it's a famous, expensive branded bags in Japan.
In fact this is not the 1st time I met SV in Japan, I saw it a few times back then in Hokkaido Island but I didn't
buy it at that time as most of the bags are big and looked ordinary. This time around, the sweet colours shine
bright like a Diamond to me, comes with fabulous and glamorous designs and tempting me with free furry bag
charms with multi colours that are fascinating enough. They also have fantastic bag charms like Hello Kitty
and J initial too but everything seemed to cost so high in RM120-200. I chose this 'Celine-Bag' as the gift for
my purchase which they put 'Present Campaign'. Haha...Consider I'm lucky to get this RM350 petite bag as I
saw other branches in Kagoshima or Fukuoka Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall/Arcade gave bag charms
as gift only. And I was glad Rambo can be my Japanese Translator here as we're stuck in 'Kai Tung Ngap Kong'
in asking about the tax free issue, free gifts etc. I only know how to ask "Ikura desu ka?" with numbers only.
Haha...So funny and fun here, more to blog about my happy and humorous stories about Japan so stay tuned.


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