Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ecowell Organic Facial Care Series - Liquid Facial Soap

First and foremost, thanks to Ecowell for their kind generosity to send this wonderful Ecowell Organic Facial Care Series set for me to review as I'm a total fan when it comes to skincare beauty research and trials. I'm not a fan of organic skincare as I have tried so many brands from all over the world like USA, Australia, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia products, they tend to fail me easily with no effective result, smelly scent and sometimes with breakouts too.

Haha...But I'm curious to try on Ecowell cute mini travel-sized certified organic facial care products so much after reading good reviews about it since I'm also busy travelling for business trips and holiday vacations so I needed travel-friendly good skincare to keep my skin healthy and pretty easily. Most importantly for me is convenience and it comes in a complete set of 'All In One' deep cleansing to nourishing treatment products. 

This Organic Liquid Facial Soap richly infused with Organic Orange Oil managed to cleanse my dehydrated skin without drying my skin with just 2 pumps of it. It smells refreshingly divine with natural organic plants scent so it's suitable to use for dry to oily skin as well. Not only I feel that my skin is clean enough, my skin also feels soft, smooth and hydrated under the Malaysia humid weather. It's possible to achieve healthy skin naturally. 

This is my 1st time after so many years already, I will give another chance to try out organic skincare again unlike my sister-inlaw Sis Hoon she's a firm believer in organic products for food and skincare too. Both Rambo and I believe in taking organic food a lot but after using Ecowell range now, I begin to grow more interest to try out the rest and looking forward for good result after using the whole range of Ecowell skincare products. 

There are 4 more great products to be revealed every week by week so stay tuned for my updates in September month. In the meantime, you can get up close with Ecowell news and updates uphand at;

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