Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Positivity Blanket Enveloping My September 2016

At the Shangri-La Hotel to cafe, the security guard needs to check on my handbag and screen us the Chinese, Malay and Indian:
Jac: Don't worry, we're not ISA.
All of us LOL including the security guard.
A (Malay): Yea, we're all Malaysians.
T (Indian): LOL
Jac: Cannot blame him, he's only doing his job to protect us. And it's very dangerous nowadays with all the bombing cases happening everyday and everywhere.
A: True.
Bla, Bla, Bla about today's world news and updates in 2 hours without realising the time has past us by so quickly.
A: I really like your energy. You are so positive about life. 

Jac: Well, we need to stay positive all the time even if things didn't go smoothly as it was planned sometimes. We still need to strive and thrive to the end. You need to send good signs, good signals and good vibes to the universe to be able to receive your commands to happen. Just like this Herbalife product that you're passing to me today, I actually thought about it last July and wondering why Herbalife was so quiet for 2 years already and you contacted me last August for this product review. I loved Herbalife products not only for their effective health products but also the beauty products esp. the Mask. I actually bought it for the 3rd time already and will keep on buying it as it is one of the best facial mask in the world. 
A: Wow, really?
Jac: Yea, I should think about it more then from now on.
Haha, we LOL again.
Jac: Sorry I couldn't meet you both at Gardens last week, I was too busy already. C ya all soon ok, thanks.
A & T: Thanks for your time, see you soon.
Jac: Sure, keep in touch! ;)

Nowadays I'm so busy esp. this year 2016 with Rambo's Japanese company expansion that is going on in JB and retaining those business for Penang Lang also, I'm more than willing to support him to do his best he could for all the parties. I'm so proud of him for doing his very best to balance between his work and to serve the forever ever demanding 'Wu Zhe Tian Empress Jacinta' at home. Haha...I really make a big scene of a movie if he dares to prioritise his job more than me. Recently also I didn't attend many events but I will still go if it's important and relevant to my Evergreen Love Blog. Just like today, I met this pretty, lovely young lady who approached me at the Launch Of Comfort Zone in Malaysia, she thanked me and telling me that she liked my blog for Swissline brand. I didn't expect to receive such great compliments like this but I always do now.

She really appreciates that and I replied her humbly, "It's my pleasure, thank you for liking my blog too." I mean, an appreciation like this really means so much to me. That's what keeps my momentum going stronger, higher, better and further soaring high up in the sky. I'm still standing tall here among the rest, writing and updating any good sharings whenever I can. Still receiving many great invitations with good people actually approached me wherever I go. Just like today after having my lunch at Delicious, Rambo has reached to fetch me for my next important meeting of QA/QC check for Nefful health products I'm planning to buy as I needed his approval for expensive stuffs like this, there's a lady told me she met me a few times liao, always wanted to stay connected with me and she asked for my namecard for future references so we did.

Today I met Helen also at the health care centre, we chatted for a while but I couldn't join her for the meeting as both Rambo and I need to rush to many places to complete my things. Haha...Like he said, he's more busy being my driver than working everyday but he's happy to do it willingly for me and hoping to be my driver as a full-time job but I don't allow it. I prefer he keeps on working for EPF plus retirement benefits, focusing much on our business and only be my driver whenever he can. Pleasures will come eventually after achieving the 1st golden egg. 

That night we met our neighbour in the lift, she asked about my job I just smile and Rambo replied her, "She's a Si Tau Po". Haha...I laughed out loud and I just briefly explained to her what I'm doing without creating a big wall standing between us as I respect her as a good person after a good karma incident where she helped to keep my CNY Hamper before I can open the gate. Some people didn't dare to befriend anyone when they thought that we're not on the same channel or level, status etc. They feel that they are not on par with you, they feel demotivated or feel awkward from our normal nice conversations. She told me that she only knew I have many books and magazines and wondered what I did for living. I think it's not important to know what we do for our living as long we managed to stay happy and harmonious next to each other is good enough. Rambo always think that I'm humble to people but to me, it's important to stay humble so that life can go on 'Sun Sun Lei Lei'. No car accidents, no robbery, no bad karma happening are the best gifts we hope to receive from the universe already. As long we're healthy everyday, it's an extra bonus reward for us already.

I was so busy until my bestie Jamie wazzapp me also I have no time to reply her yet until I have completed the shopping at Carlo Rino (finally found one bag that I really fell in love with), Derma Cool Facial for a good massage, sewing and cutting my healthy negative ions body wrap fabric into a scarf and body wrap for healthier body, mind and soul, then I showed it to her. "Wah, so pandai" and I replied her, "Easy sewing job ok lah" as I rather do it myself than to pay RM30 for some skills that I can do myself while watching TV. One day is really not enough time for me. I have so many things like those accounts to do which is more important than anything else in the world. Haha...That's how you can plan for better golden dreams to happen in your life.

That night after having some picnic of 'Tau Sa Peng' & White Coffee from Penang with the women's club, we went to Fong Lye Taiwanese Cuisines Restaurant as planned since August. Jamie has been telling them I'm a fussy diner and really know how to dine kinda person so Helen asked my opinion about the food here in which I told her I ate there many times liao, from KL to Penang Fong Lye also I dine before, "Ok lah, not so yummy as it claimed to be for me." 
Jac: No pork or intestines for me, the rest like Seafood is ok.
Helen: Chicken is ok for you?
Jac: Can and veges more preferably.
Helen: Ok ok, same here.

The total bill came up to RM225 for 4 dishes with quality Chinese Tea for 4 pax, I told Rambo about it. He always said, "Only orang kaya like you all will spend this kinda money for food," he told me the same when he fetched me to Ipoh to have fine dining lunch with my Kai Ma costing RM80+ for Ipoh Signature Pomelo Prawn Salad and 2 set lunches that tasted really yummy. To me, it's totally worth it as long we enjoyed the fine dining and the company but Rambo said his lunch with colleague there cost RM8 only with 10 times difference. 

Haha...I laughed out loud but I always believe to enjoy life to the fullest while you can. Life is short, when we get older I don't think we can enjoy good food as much as we could like before anymore. I got to know that my Kai Ma knew about this superb cafe she brought me in Ipoh when HSBC invited the VIPs there for a lunch and investment talk which she didn't sign up. "Yea, better don't invest in anything that's huge, cash is the new king now," I told her honestly. To gain money is not easy but to spend it, it worked too easily. Just bear in mind, always stay positive realistically and the rainbow will appear to surround us fantastically that's for sure!  

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