Sunday, March 24, 2013

France - Paris

Arrived in Paris after a good night sleep of 14 hours direct flight from KL.Bonjour Paris! 

1st visit to the famous Eiffel Tower of Paris!
The VIP lane that lead my group tour straight up to the Eiffel Tower, no long
queue needed. It's really pity to see them queue up like this due to the old lift.

The panoramic view from Eiffel Tower...

The cruise ride with class, glass-covered cruise boat. 

So many tourists from all around the world including myself from Malaysia. We're punctual and I'm among
the 1st one to choose the middle seat here as to get far away from the sunshine while the Europeans prefer
to sit at the sideways. Others like the Japanese and Chinese also sat here, away from the sun.   
Haha...some prefer to sit here for more beautiful views like this picture, I need to snap this magnificent view
from here. They offered me a seat here outside but I never intend to sit here and thanked them anyway. The
river water may splashed to us once in awhile and all of us here shouted it out loud. Kinda fun here.

Another great view not to be missed here and so I went to the front here for clearer shots. They actually closed
this door to prevent us from going outside for safety purpose. The mobile interpreter can translate many
languages for us to understand the history about France along the cruise ride. I've tried a few of them as
the ride was kinda long and quite boring for many.I saw many of them fell asleep and not interested at all.
I purposely chose a nice Parisian cafe here as I wana enjoy the real French experience in Paris. This cafe was just
situated opposite the famous Lafayette shopping mall and I came here because I can't find a nice cafe inside. It's
really nice from its outside decors to inside, with a spiral-shaped stair leading me up here for my lunch/tea break
time. But the food here sucks than a food court food. Not only they don't serve Spaghetti, the pizza and sandwich
I ordered were terrible taste. The price charged here was real expensive too as it's a waiter service cafe and only
one old-aged waiter who served us was able to speak basic English.  
The one thing I liked about France is the petrol station promotions here. All along the stopovers, not only I
would press their coffee machines for the best coffee in France but I also bought many local food and fresh
juices available here. And every stop, I bought this cold canned-food of spaghetti/pasta with tuna/vegetables
 to fill my hunger pang along the long journey across Europe. One of the tour lady saw me eating that and
seem yummy to her but she's 'bu se de'(not willing) to buy it at EUD 3-4 as it's too expensive for her.But I told
her to enjoy food, don't calculate too much or times here and there as life's too short for all that.

This is the end of Champs Elysees street where I, myself cannot believe that I would walk so far but really
no choice. When we're on tour either to China or Europe, we need to walk and climb up the hills to see
beautiful views along the way. Although it's in Winter, we can still bear this cold with hot sunshine we
brought from Malaysia. The french tour guide thanked us the Malaysians for coming to Paris for holiday
and brought the sunshine here that day as for the past one month, she said the rain and cold were kinda
depressing them from all the wet and hibernation. 

The famous LV Boutique corner with so many people waiting in line. the time
I reached there after 2 hours along the street and across, I was welcomed there without
having to queue up. Inside this big LV showroom, many Chinese from China choosing
their handbags and accessories from top hat to bottom LV shoes. Haha...too crowded
inside and so I left although Rambo kept asking me to choose one bag home. I'm not
very interested as the scarf material and handbag design was almost the same I already
had and too loud inside so I left. But I 'm happy for LV as the business was really good
and booming for them, all because of the Chinese contribution. No wonder they respect
the Chinese so much, helping the LV Boss being the 4th richest man in the world now. 

Coming to Paris, this is one of the cafe you should visit esp.if you love Coffee and Chocolates! 

Very nice decor with grand , glass stairs that lead us to this Chocolate level. I've tried the smoothy chocolates
here and visit their restroom too. I like the overall ambience here, very comforting and welcoming feel. 

Guerlain Paris is one of the most grandest beauty boutique in Paris. Not only it speaks about beauty that's
for sure, but it also featured sophisticated, exclusive and elegant displays of the fragrances in giant sizes
of the brands(can't take photos as many uniform attendants guarding the place) at fragrance section. Then
they have this skincare section where I can try, test skincare and play with their makeups. Really exclusive
place, lucky I came in for the visit as I had a good time trying most of the products here.

Sephora shop with its window decors. Nice but can't compare it with Guerlain as both are targeting different
kinda customers. Sephora have many people trying out products here and there but Guerlain having the
door closed and only open to clients who wana go in with a butler service like LV.  

The Toyota showroom was another showroom you can visit if you're a car lover
like me. Just to update myself on the latest technology and the latest model of cars
everywhere. No regrets for me but Rambo's more lucky as he got to visit all the
Honda latest updates from factory, technology and hands-on from all around the
world including China and America. But he still make full good use of the facility here.
Sometime the wind blew strong here but lucky during my stay here in Paris, no rain and snow fall. Thank God! 

The night view I got to snap along the way to Chinese restaurant in Paris. Not too bad
by the Chinese cooking, had a great last Chinese dinner here.


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    1. Why sigh when you can afford to go with the prize from Audrey.Plan one trip if you like it!

  2. Would love to be there one of love! :)

    1. You can do it Henry, enjoy the city of love with your dear! :)